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Big D Daily: News for Friday, June 6, 2014

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One day away from the first meeting between Oscar Pareja and his former side.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is nearly here and so is the World Cup.

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'

// FC Dallas //

Looking back at the 2013 series |

A quick glance at what happened the last couple of times FCD and Colorado met.

Rookie rankings |

Tesho Akindele earning some love behind the likes of Patrick Mullins and Harrison Shipp. That's pretty decent company to be in at the moment in this year's rookie race.

Rapids trying not to be emotional about FCD meeting |

Interesting to hear them call Oscar Pareja "He who must not be named". Either way you spin it the Rapids will still be emotional to some degree about this game. More on that later though.

Pareja not buying into the hype surrounding first Rapids game | Soccerly

As I would expect, Pareja will likely be cool as a cucumber here this weekend, at least on the outside. Inside, he will probably be a wreck.

John heads to KC | Soccerly

I missed this one yesterday but George John has joined up with Mauro Diaz at the KC rehab facility. Hopefully this speeds up his recovery here and gets his butt back on the field soon.

// MLS //

SKC likely to start Homegrown product this weekend |

Erik Palmer-Brown has been a bit of a topic of discussion for a while with SKC. His first game didn't go so well but hopefully this kid has a bright future ahead of him here.

MLS moves ahead in league rankings | Sounder At Heart

A very interesting look at how MLS is moving forward ahead of several leagues in the world. They still have a ways to go based on these numbers to jump the likes of the Dutch league, the Russian league and a couple others to be in that top league discussion that Don Garber continues to harp on.

Garcia leads Honduran charge in MLS and in Brazil | MLS Insider

A very cool look at how the Honduran national side has a very heavy-MLS look to it.

Center Line Soccer joins SBN |

Very cool to see the San Jose SBN blog go from Quake, Rattle and Goal to CLS. That is a very good thing.

// World Cup //

Ranking the 32 kits of the World Cup |

A fun look at who has the top kits going into the World Cup. France tops the charts somehow, I'm not sure I agree with that. I'm still a big fan of the Dutch set more than any of them.

Transit strike an issue for Brazil |

Uh-oh. Things could be dicy in Brazil...who am I kidding they already are.

Alright, get to discussing this stuff folks. What is your favorite World Cup jersey this year? Also what do you make of Tesho being in the Rookie of the Year discussion?