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Rankings Recap: FC Dallas Loses...Again

FC Dallas is winless in eight games.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoops have now gone eight games without a win. The eighth loss came after a second 2-1 loss to San Jose. FC Dallas is a sinking ship at the moment. Who will turn things around for FCD?

Are these rankings right about FCD? Where do you think the Hoops belong? Which team surprised you?

Rank: 13 (Last week: 12)

Comment: Eight winless, and out of the top five in the West based on points per game. Even with all the injuries, there's enough talent here to be competitive, but they're not.


Rank: 18 (Last week: 16)

Comment: The 2014 campaign isn't even half over and Dallas already has six red cards. That shocking lack of discipline has been a significant factor in FCD's eight-game winless streak, which was extended on Saturday thanks to a 2-1 loss to San Jose.

Sports Illustrated: Planet Futbol

Rank: 12 (Last week: 9)

Comment: Blas Perez's early goal was negated by an equalizer just 10 minutes later and Adam Moffat being sent off just before the end of the first half. Dallas' remaining chances to get anything out of the game -- a penalty and a point-plank chance late in the second half --were snuffed out by Jon Busch.