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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is it June 12th yet?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're almost a week away from the World Cup. So damn close you can taste it but first we have some more FC Dallas items to get to here.

// FC Dallas //

Sizing up the FCD All-Star candidates | Soccerly

Just like most teams, there are eight of them. At this point, I think Matt Hedges may be the only viable one. If only there were some healthy players.

USOC game moved to June 17 |

This one may have gone under the radar yesterday but the USOC game was suppose to be on a Saturday but now it is the following Tuesday. That is a good thing in my book, as it gives the FCD guys some time to rest following their trip to Portland.

Pareja calls for discipline |

Schellas Hyndman used to term it as emotional intelligence, maybe Oscar Pareja has a similar term for these red cards that his club keeps earning.

// MLS //

Colorado battles Chicago this evening |

This weekend's opponent has a little midweek match to deal with tonight as they battle the Fire at home. Here is a scouting report to get you ready for them.

Dynamo looking for defensive answers |

Eight goals given up in the last three games, feel free to point and laugh.

Clint Dempsey tops MLS jersey sales |

I can't say I am shocked by that news, but I also can't say I am shocked to see that there are no FCD guys on this list either.

Not so rosey | Stumptown Footy

The Timbers are tied for last in the West at the moment, a big 13 point hole from the top of the table. I think I read that they need at least 35-40 points in their remaining games to reach the post season. Ouch. Not with that schedule.

David Beckham hints at possible return |

Please don't pull a Michael Jordan. Stay retired.

// World Cup //

World Cup rosters finalized |

Here is a good look at all the World Cup rosters. Enjoy.

Bill Clinton SMASH! | New York Magazine

Yes, the former President was angry after finding out that Qatar won the World Cup bid for 2022. I knew I liked that guy.

The quiet tragedy of Saborio's injury | Grantland

I still feel gutted for Alvaro Saborio, really any MLS player that had a good if not great shot at playing in Brazil this year I feel a bit gutted for.

I didn't really mention it but feel free to talk about tonight's big international friendly up at Toyota Stadium between the Ivory Coast and El Salvador. It should be one heck of a time! If only Drogba were a few years younger.