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The angel on your shoulder: Maybe you should stay at home and take up numismatics.

Why coin collecting will be more profitable and rewarding than blowing your hard earned dollars in Brazil.

Let me preface all of this by saying, of course, that my own contradiction is going to be a little half-hearted.  I've already suggested that physical pain and perpetually lost cab drivers aren't a big deal. I've espoused pre-death kidney donation on Silk Road as a means to fund your pleasure travel. How could I realistically do all of this and suggest that you put your new found fortune into a CD instead of pissing it away in the Southern Hemisphere?  In a word, easily.

Where to start?  Well, there is massive unrest due to the money going towards stadia instead of services to an under-served populace.  The possibly of being at the wrong end of a rock, tear gas, a taser, rubber bullets, or improvised projectile is always a possibility.  A number of local police departments are going on strike meaning security will be even more perilous.

And if you're starting in Manaus, how about Malaria or Typhoid?  Tropical year round, you're simply not bred for these conditions.  Yellow Fever and Hepatitis can easily be contracted in Amazonas State.  Think you're going to be nostalgic about a vacation where you return looking like Bert from Sesame Street?

Then there's the Group of Death.  4 years ago, the Southern Hemisphere was inviting because our boys played in EASY (England-Algeria-Slovenia-Yanks).  This time, we can look forward to the favorite, the team with the best player in the world, and the team that knocked us out of the last 2 World Cups.  The upshot to this is, you'll probably have plenty of kidney money left to do stuff because on paper, this looks like 3 and out.

Supposing this isn't enough to sway you, and you're considering a last minute trip.  Here's some quick tips to get ready in a hurry.

1. You need a Visa to get to Brazil- and you need to hurry up and get it.  Fortunately, they're a lot of agencies who will do the leg work for you.  It costs about $100 (unless you want to drive to the consulate in Houston or your respective region, in which case it costs $0).  You need your passport, plane tickets, and at least one game ticket.  If you're a real globetrotter, you also need to make sure you're you have 2 consecutive pages in your passport book for your Visa.  You also have to fill out this online.  There's a few other things you need- google brazil world cup visa to find them out.  You don't need vaccinations to get your visa approved, but that said...

2. Get your shots.  You don't want to look like Bert, and you definitely don't want to die.  Get the Yellow Fever, the Typhoid, and the Hepatitis at a minimum before you go, and get a prescription for Malaria medication.  Yeah, you're going to be out another $300, but you're rolling in Bitcoins now anyway- you can't spend them if you get dysentary.  Which brings me too...

3. Duh, be careful about what you eat and drink.  If you have been adventurous in your travels and cuisine, you probably have a little extra resistance, but I'd still steer clear of the local water (and ice in your drinks) for this one.  Imagine younger me at the Rome Termini train station with a case of Caesar's revenge squatting over a hole in the ground with only a newspaper for sanitary relief, and I hope that is enough info for you to heed this warning (If not, I'll give you a more graphic recount offline).

That's it for today.  I'll have more tips for next week