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View From the East Stand: So Close

Tesho, Tesho, Tesho. An ugly game was almost 3 points had the open net been a little wider for the FCD rookie. But a point isn't necessarily all too bad.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

After playing 120 in Houston during the week, a weekend game was always going to be a tough and drudgy one. Finally back to league play, and an important game with a couple of key suspensions. Honestly, it felt like our line up had been hit with so many injuries and suspensions I was just hoping these guys would come out and look semi-cohesive. But instead what we got was what I believe to be a good manager being comfortable with the depleted workforce at his disposal. If anyone said they expected more than a draw from this game with the injuries/suspensions/and the overtime win in Houston then tell them nicely that they're crazy.

No Red Cards!

I had to keep watching after the final whistle just to be sure, you never know, but this game was the 2nd in the last 4 with FC Dallas getting 0 red cards. A part of that was how humid and hot it was at Crew stadium, it seemed like the intensity just wasn't there from either side and the weather looked to be the main culprit. The composure was there, and the defending held fast, which was a likely outcome based on that line-up...

Everyone back!

The Dallas midfield was put out to just stop the Columbus Crew from attacking, presumably expecting their talisman Higuain to cause trouble wherever he could. Je-Vaughn Watson, Michel, Adam Moffat, and Victor Ulloa. Each of these players are either CDMs, or have played CDM at one point or another. In fact, it was almost like we had 2 right backs, and 2 left backs with Michel and Jair Benitez on the left and Zach Loyd and JVW on the right. Then with Moffat and Ulloa manning the middle it was an extremely defensive line-up that was just sub'd in with like-for-like subs through the course of the game.

In conclusion, it was a hard game to watch, but getting a point in Crew stadium is always a pleasant surprise no matter how ugly. Not too many highlights, and we could've been looking at 3 points had the ball been a couple inches to the left on Tesho's shot. But I think we have to start considering where we are on the table and compare our # of points with the # of games played, when I start doing that I start getting sad and scared...

Who all thinks this was a boring game? How about a winnable game? Has Pareja done well with what he's had? Has anyone taken a look at the table recently and shuddered like I have? Let me know in the comments below!