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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew: BDS Man of the Match, Tesho Akindele

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The rookie shined despite missing two big chances.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like this past month has just been so jumbled with the break, World Cup games and Open Cup games. But, I'm glad to be back giving you Sunday's Man of the Match.

During this span without Mauro Diaz, one of the contributing factors to FC Dallas' May demise was that they were missing their creativity and no one was feeding anyone the ball effectively. During this time, the team hasn't really had anyone to fill that gaping void, and they still don't.

But, what I see is a young striker who is increasingly getting better at finding chances near the goal. No one scored on Sunday, but Tesho Akindele definitely came the closest, clanging one off the goalpost and mis-timing a few other chances.

I've really come to enjoy watching him play over the past few weeks because he always seems to be involved in the offense, always moving around. There is a lot of promise for the rookie out of the Colorado School of Mines to strive in an offense that has a playmaker like Mauro Diaz spreading the ball around.

Now, I know there still is probably at least another month before we see the return of "Super Mauro", but I still think it's worth noting that Akindele has a nice combination, considering his size,  of quickness, a good first touch, and an eye for the goal.

Sunday afternoon, I don't know if this team could've come any closer to scoring without scoring, especially when you factor in the missed shot from Tesho off of a beautiful feed from Escobar and Michel's shot early on that was blocked by the body of Michael Parkhurst on the line. The team very easily could've won that game 2-0, but, the same could be said for the Columbus Crew.

Anyways, I think that this team has better days ahead and we've already seen them begin to turn this ship around, going unbeaten in their last five. I think this trend can continue if the team keeps allowing Akindele to use his size and finesse to get solid looks on goal. Let's just hope he's spending practice time working on his finishing.

This one was more of a soapbox, I'm aware, but, if you watched the game Sunday, you'll agree there aren't too many talking points in the actual game.

I'm absolutely stoked to be in a packed house this Friday, I hope you are too, and I hope this team can continue to heal those May wounds.

Who was your Man of the Match? What were your thoughts on the game? Vote and comment below. DTID!