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Big D Daily: News for Monday, June 30, 2014

MLS is back as the month of June comes to a close.

Laurence Griffiths

Not a bad weekend considering we got some crazy games in the World Cup and FC Dallas earned their second shutout of the year.

// FC Dallas //

Not a win but a point | Dallas Soccer News

FCD didn't leave Columbus with a win but at least they got a point in the building that they've only won a single game in.

USSDA Playoffs, U-18s advance while the U-16s remain unbeaten |

Good to see the academy sides are doing well here.

FCD happy with point despite all things considered |

To go on the road and have a game postponed after warming up is never an easy thing for a player. To return the next day and earn a draw in steamy conditions seems about right.

Crew players support the decision to postpone the game |

I mean, a fan was struck by lightening. You kind of have to support the decision to postpone a game in that situation.

On a side note, we here at BDS want to wish this fan a very speedy recovery here. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family during this time.

// MLS //

Time for the panic button in NY? |

Tough questions to ask for the Red Bulls and several other clubs at the moment.

Houston drops yet another game |

I give you all permission to point and laugh at Houston right now. Ha Ha.

The awesome-ness of Erick Torres |

Seriously, Chivas is a lucky team to have this guy. Just too bad there is hardly anyone in LA that wants to watch that club play right now.

Toronto's Gilberto and Defoe nearly fight before Gilberto scores |

Oh these guys. Funny the emotions that turn on a dime when a player scores.

// World Cup //

Belgium injury concerns continue to pile up |

Does anyone on Belgium's team want to play tomorrow? Anyone?

What happened in Brazil on Sunday? |

Mexico got CONCACAF'ed, while so did Greece (but in a different way).

Bradley: We want to be here a few more games |

I'm still calling the US to beat Belgium tomorrow. After that, all bets may be off depending on if Argentina gets by Switzerland. I did think for a moment yesterday that it could have been wild if the US and Mexico had advanced and eventually met in the semi-finals. One can dream.