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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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FCD advances past Houston in the USOC for the second straight year.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't pretty at times last night but the boys came through yet again as FC Dallas downed Houston 3-2. We'll have more from that game coming up this morning.

// FC Dallas //

Red for 120 |

It took about 100 minutes for FC Dallas to grab the lead and hold on to it last night.

Akindele becoming hero for FCD |

The rookie is starting to really make an impact for this club. I love it.

// MLS //

Kinnear complains about OT in the USOC |

Seriously? What do you want the games to end in a tie and both teams move on? Come on son.

LA believed they would beat Carolina |

For the I don't know how many years, Carolina has beaten LA in the USOC. By the way, FC Dallas will now face Carolina in this tournament in a couple weeks. The game will be IN Carolina too.

Seattle and Portland will now meet in the USOC |

Here is a full recap of the games last night in the USOC. Some good games coming up in the quarterfinals too.

'Epic brawl' highlights Colorado loss |


The testimony one DCU fan will give about the stadium | Black and Red United

I hope we all can stand behind DCU here and help them get their stadium built.

// World Cup //

What happened in Brazil on Tuesday |

Between the wild games and the bite, Tuesday had a lot of action.

FIFA looking into Suarez bite |

Yep, third time may be the charm to get this weirdo out of the game for a while.

Faryd Mondragon became the oldest player in World Cup history |

Remember this former Philly keeper? Yeah, he's now the oldest player to play in a World Cup game. Good for him. He was also apart of the 1994 team that had a fairly tragic ending in the US tournament.