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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, June 24, 2014

FCD returns to action tonight in the USOC.

Laurence Griffiths

We're nearly back to a normal schedule around here as the World Cup group stage is coming to a close and FC Dallas is getting back into their season.

// FC Dallas //

Danny Garcia free of hamstring injury | Soccerly

Yep, if you have wondered where Danny Garcia has been lately, he was apparently dealing with a hamstring injury. So was David Texeira too, though it wasn't mentioned in this article. Crazy how many guys got hit by the hamstring bug this season.

FCD watch party this Saturday |

As FCD hits the road to battle Columbus, the Staggering Irishman in North Dallas will be the place to watch the game.

One-on-one with Fernando Clavijo |

A nice little interview with Clavijo about his World Cup experience back in 1994.

// MLS //

Galaxy looking for revenge against Carolina in the USOC |

Is Bruce Arena finally going to travel to this game? We'll see I suppose. By the way, the winner of our game tonight plays the winner of LA-Carolina in the quarterfinal stage. So this is one to keep an eye on.

MLS players holding their own at the World Cup |

Seriously, time to brag about how well the MLS players are doing in this tournament. With Brazil and Costa Rica already in the next round, we have some players looking to go far into this tournament.

The Return of Cesar | MLS Insider

A solid look at the Toronto FC keeper and his run with Brazil.

// World Cup //

What happened in Brazil on Monday |

Some very entertaining games in Groups A and B, once again with lots of goals between them all.

No 'wink-wink' agreement with Germany says Klinsmann |

All we both need is a draw but Jurgen Klinsmann wants much more than that.

Time to stop the CONCACAF hating |

5-2-2 in this tournament with two teams already in the knockout round, likely a third if the US takes care of things on Thursday. Still, impressive run when you look at the results against England, Uruguay, Brazil, Portugal, Ghana...some really strong teams in this tournament.

Here is how the tiebreakers work |

For those that need the explanation, here you go.

US-Portugal draws record TV number |

Highest number ever. The only thing I wish we could see from this is a higher TV number from the Dallas market. I just chalk it up to the large number of people at watch parties and things like that on Sunday.

Miguel Herrea is the best thing about Mexico | ESPN FC

Yeah, I could honestly watch him react to things all day. Dude cracks me up.