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Big D Soccer Man of the Match: Tesho Akindele

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The rookie was one of the few bright spots on the evening.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This might have been the most FC Dallas game I have ever been to. The down side of being at the games is that when the team does have a frustrating moment, I can't throw my remote or hit a wall.

Nevertheless, it's my job to find a silver lining, and Saturday night's was the first-round pick Tesho Akindele.

Akindele did not play a perfect game as he had several turnovers and looked a little rigid at times, but I liked his hustle and ability to get in the middle of everything on the attacking half.

Akindele, who is increasingly getting more playing time has shown that he can be a deadly finisher, and can be much better on the ball than Blas Perez or David Texeira. He still is very raw, but he got my nod for Man of the Match mainly for the promise he's shown me in the midst of a horribly bleak month.

For his size, I think he has decent pace and just looks more natural than Blas. Tesho showed me that he has much better decision-making in the box than Perez.

In the RSL game, several times Blas had the ball held up at the top of the 18 and would turn right regardless if anyone was open on his left. Tesho is a guy who doesn't like to hold up the ball, rather he wants to keep the ball moving around.

For instance, late in the game, Akindele got the ball at the top of the six and was able to look around and find Zach Loyd coming up right in front of him. He gave him a perfectly-paced ball, and Zach's shot unfortunately was aimed too close to the center of goal and was easily parried away.

If the rookie can be a guy who draws defenders in and then finds an open man, that's a great wrinkle to add to our offense and give the team more scoring chances.

I liked his engine, and it almost got him a goal when he chased after a back pass and was able to get a foot on the ball before charging San Jose keeper Jon Busch could get there, but the ball unfortunately was wide of the left post.

If Colorado School of Mines alum can play that same type of smart, active soccer, he has bright days ahead.

What were your thoughts on the match and my choice for MotM? Vote and comment below. DTID!