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Key Moments: Same Old, Same Old

Same story, different day, as FCD get an early red card and push the winless streak to 8 matches after dominating large portions of the match.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-Game Notes:

FC Dallas enter the match winless in 7 hoping to end the streak at home. Oscar Pareja again opts with the 4-4-2 with Tesho Akindele and Blas Perez up top and Moises Hernandez gets another start at left back.

Also, Jesse Gonzalez, another Homegrown, is on the bench for the first time in his career as the backup GK with Raul Fernandez and Richard Sanchez away for international duty.


Matt Hedges earned his paycheck with a goal-line clearance only 10 minutes in. Steven Lenhart beat Loyd in the air and the ball sailed just over Seitz who was caught in no-man's land, much like Iker Casillas in the Champion's League Final, but it was never going to beat Hedges who saves FCD from going down early.

Lenhart caused Dallas trouble when Shea Salinas blew past Zach Loyd and crossed to Lenhart who could only put the ball out for a throw-in as the pressure from Hedges proved too much.


Although San Jose controlled much of the ball early on, BLAS PEREZ found the back of the net after a long dry spell. Fabian Castillo crossed the ball in and Perez beat his mark and struck the ball with a full volley nearly tearing a hole in the back of the net leaving Jon Busch no chance. 1-0 FCD

Tesho Akindele was active all game and it nearly paid off in the 26th minute when Clarence Goodson could not get the ball all the way back to Busch and Akindele was there to intercept, but Tesho was only able to knock it wide of the goal.

Instantly the San Jose Earthquakes were back in the attack and Atiba Harris notched his second goal in as many games after Steven Lenhart used his arm to settle the ball and pass it to Harris who easily tucked it into the goal.


Moffat makes a ridiculously stupid tackle in the 37th minute while sitting on a yellow and there was nothing the ref could do except give him the second yellow and subsequently the red. Moffat puts us in a bad position again and we have to play with 10 men for 53 minutes.

Chris Seitz didn't do himself a favor in the goalkeeping battle as he mis-read Pierazzi's shot that curved to the upper right-hand corner of the net to put San Jose up 2-1 just before halftime.

The half wasn't over yet as Fabian Castillo draws a PK in stoppage-time and he steps up to take it as well. More on Castillo taking it in my post-match notes. Needless to say, Fabian Castillo misses the penalty, but is anyone really surprised?

Quick Halftime Recap: FC Dallas played good throughout the half. Moffat really screwed us over with that red card. He was unfortunate the be the recipient of a team-PI yellow, but the second one was all on him. Lenhart was Lenhart on that goal and I put 100% of the blame for that goal Harris scored on the refs. Lenhart has a reputation for stuff like this and it's hard to blame him when he gets away with it time and time again. Peter Luccin and Jair Benitez come on for Moises Hernandez and Blas Perez.


The match settled down quite a bit in the second half as FC Dallas, although down a man, took the game to San Jose who looked to bunker in and hold the lead on the road.


The best chance came when Tesho took a shot from 25 yards out after winning the ball off of some sloppy play from The Earthquakes, but the shot rifled into the Busch's arms.

Ryan Hollingshead makes his MLS debut after taking a year off as he takes over for Watson in the 72nd minute. Really surprised he didn't opt for Texeira or Escobar, but we know they have struggled thus far.


Zach Loyd had an open look on goal in the 85th minute but could only get a weak shot on goal to make for an easy save. He should have done much better on that shot after Akindele set him up perfectly.

FC Dallas earned a free kick on the edge of the box in the 90th minute to set up a chance to equalize. It wasn't meant to be as Pete Luccin hits it straight into the wall and San Jose hang on to the lead as the match ends 2-1.

Quick Recap:

FC Dallas dominated most of the game... and we lost again. It's as if my ipod is on replay and we hear the same thing game after game. It's time for the players to step up their game and stop making excuses. Injuries or not, it's their jobs they are playing for.

My Thoughts on the Match:

It's time to dump Moffat. Play anyone but him. Please. He actually played well before the red, but there is no excuse for that. He hurt the team with another awful decision and that's all that matters.

I can't believe Perez was subbed off at halftime. He finally breaks his streak and we take him off?? Not a smart move.

I enjoy the youth in the backline more than anything. I expect Sanchez to get at least 2 starts at some point in this season. Walker Zimmerman is finally stepping up his game and Moises Hernandez is proving he can do the job as well. Unfortunate that Hernandez gets subbed off, but that is only due to the red card, nothing personal.

Great assist from Castillo. Horrible, horrible PK. Why on EARTH would you let him do it? We ALL know how bad he is at shooting.

I applaud Tesho's work rate in the attack and he causes trouble for opposing teams simply due to his hustle. He may not be the most technical player on the field, but he makes up for it by going 100MPH for 90 minutes.

I love Clarence Goodson. Just sayin'.

Questions This Match Created:

Will we make the playoffs?

Who starts with Ulloa next week if Michel is still unable to play?

Moises Hernandez or Jair Benitez?

Is it time to dump Moffat? I think so.