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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: What We Learned

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This feels like a repeat of before...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In a way this felt like the same story with a different location attached to it. FC Dallas fell Saturday evening to the San Jose Earthquakes 2-1 in yet another frustrating manner.

Blas Perez managed to get the lone FCD goal but San Jose added in two of their own, not to mention the red card to Adam Moffat and the penalty kick miss by Fabian Castillo.

Pareja finally opens up

I'll say this off the bat, I wasn't at the game last night. Thankfully due to technology I've been able to watch the match since then but boy was this a frustrating one all around. Hearing the quotes and seeing them as well from Oscar Pareja show that the FC Dallas manager is finally opening up about the fact that his team is just down right frustrating.

Pareja, who normally is as easy going of a person as you'll find in Major League Soccer, sounded angry about the loss. He took full responsibility in the process and made sure to emphasize that changes could be coming. It was also interesting to hear him pass off a question from a FCD employe in the media press conference about any potential positives from the game itself Saturday night. Typically in games like this Pareja will find at least something positive to touch on, like a young player stepping up or just the overall heart of the team. This time he did not.

To me this is a welcome sight to see. As much as players enjoy playing for Pareja, they need a little more fire lighted underneath them from Pareja. This kind of reaction will certainly get player motivated more in the coming weeks.

Another shaky night offensively

It looked early on that the offense would finally be back to what we came to expect out of the first seven or eight games of the season. Lots of flash, chances from the wings, good looks on goal and most importantly the ball being in the back of the net.

Perez thankfully got off his cold streak against a team that he had previous success against. The ball Castillo fed him wasn't the best ball but it was just right enough for him to do what he has done time and time again, score goals. It was the boost he needed to get his drought behind him and light the attack once again.

Castillo to his credit had yet another hot and cold game. The assist was nice and he did well to earn the penalty kick before half time. But it seemed as though the second Jon Busch brushed away what looked to be a fairly weak penalty kick, so did the momentum that the Dallas attack had in them. Sure, there were chances in the second half but once again the lack of finishing came back to bite this club in the rear.

More red cards, more shuffling

We can talk all day and night about how things could have gone had FCD had 11 men on the field for 90 minutes but for the sixth time this season we're left looking at how another red card effected the outcome of a game.

I won't get into Moffat as a player or how the move to get him from Seattle continues to look worse by the week. Instead, we will look at the fact that Pareja will be left to deal with more shuffling in his lineup next week as the club faces Colorado at home. Victor Ulloa has been solid since getting inserted into the lineup a few weeks back and will get yet another partner as Peter Luccin will likely come into the fold.

Luccin looked decent in the second half, but decent will only get this team so far right now. At least we know Luccin will bring back some bite to the midfield and some leadership that has been lacking. That part is good and likely one positive to take away from this whole mess.

Looking forward

In situations like this, there is little you can do to look in the past, you have to look forward. The thought racing through my mind and likely a lot of you is when will this end? When will FCD turn the corner and get back on track this season? A lot of what is going on feels like a repeat of what we've seen in the last couple of seasons here. Bad droughts that absolutely kill the season.

The silver lining may be in that there are only two more games before that World Cup break. After that we're looking at a couple players potentially returning to the field and that may be enough to push this team past this.

I've said it a couple times and I'll say it again, but we're also beginning to see who are and who aren't Pareja's guys going forward here. Who he puts trust in to end this streak will go a long way for the rest of this season. We know he is willing to give the younger guys a chance and that may be where he sticks to here as well.

At the end of the day, I keep reminding myself that maybe this season was truly meant to be a rebuilding year after all. I still think things can get turned around in time for this club to make a proper push towards the post season but leaders have to lead on this team to get there. Things have to click again. Pareja has a tall task in front of him but given the fire that he had after Saturday's game I feel confident he'll find a way to end this skid.