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Key Moments: It’s obvious, right?

The first half was oh-so fantastic for FCD, but that second half… Can I just leave that one alone?

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Pre-game Notes: With Matt Hedges and Walker Zimmerman unavailable due to injury, FC Dallas is left to Stephen Keel and ZACH LOYD to fill in at Center back. Insane that it has come to this.


Just three minutes into the match Fabian Castillo hits a shot to the back post that Donovan Ricketts pushes away, but Moffat is there and squares up another shot that bounces around and ends up banging off of the post. Unlucky for Dallas that it didn't end up in the back of the net.

Will Johnson headed the ball into the back of the net in the 10th minute, but it wouldn't stand as the Assistant Referee had his flag correctly raised for offside.


Fabian Castillo had a world class play for the second time in 4 days. He receives a perfect through ball on his chest and coolly slots it into the back of the net. 1-0 FCD

Akindele slots in a perfect ball to Blas Perez in the 30th minute but Blas was unable to convert as he rockets it off the side netting.


Blas Perez gets a goal to go with his assist on the night as he rips a shot first time off a Tesho Akindele pass that Fabian Castillo masterfully dummied and it's 2-0 for Dallas 38 minutes in.

Quick Halftime Recap: It has been fantastic for Dallas thus far in the match. Any FCD fan should have been happy with a draw before the match, but the way it is going we could easily win 4-0 or 5-0 and anything less than a win is a disappointment.


FC Dallas were extremely lucky in the 53rd minute when the Portland Timbers had a large number of shots on goal, inside the box, with an open net, and somehow managed to stop every single one of them and kept the 2-0 lead. Fantastic team defense from FCD.


The game has completely changed since halftime; Portland has come out looking to attack, as they have to, and have thrown numbers forward pressing FCD back into their own half for large portions of the match.

FCD make their first sub as Escobar comes off for Andrew Jacobson in the 74th minute.


Let's get started.

78th minute and the referee gives A COMPLETELY BOGUS PK TO PORTLAND FOR A DIVE. Unacceptable for any referee to miss this as it changed the game completely and he really ruined the beautiful game on this night.

Will Johnson converts the penalty sending Raul Fernandez the wrong way.

......and the meltdown continues

87th minute and Moises Hernandez makes an awkward challenge and the referee pulls out a red card. I have no opinion on this one, as it was just completely awkward and it looks like Moises put himself in a bad situation no matter what.

92nd minute and Blas Perez gets a COMPLETE GARBAGE red card after accidentaly stepping on a Portland player while trying to regain balance. HE WASN'T EVEN LOOKING IN THAT DIRECTION. Get outta here ref.... you're awful.

And with FCD down 2 men, what else could go wrong? Oh yeah, Portland ties the match.

94th minute and Pa Modou Kah gets the goal that saves the day for Portland and FCD are completely dumbfounded as they should be. We *looks at the ref* blew it.

Quick Match Recap: The squad has no one to blame but ourselves.... Is what I would normally say here. That ref completely blew the game and I have no issues with anyone calling them out. I wish Dan Hunt would come out and publicly complain and hopefully send a message across the league. We controlled the first half and were holding on fine in the second half until the ref decided 2 goals were not good enough on the day.

My Thoughts on the Match:

Forget the red cards, that dive is a freaking joke. No excuse from the referee and I'm beyond pissed 24 hours later while writing this.

4-4-2 is the way to go. Tesho and Blas work so well off of each other that it would be idiotic to go any other way. We may have to stick Diaz on a flank when he is healthy and have Ulloa and Thomas back, but that is fine and Diaz will always drift inside even when playing as a Right Mid per say.

Loyd and Keel impressed. They were solid as can be and played past their strengths and really stepped it up to inspire the attackers to do their best.

Watson and Hernandez both played well at outside back. I'm kind of surprised with how well our defense held up given the enormous amount of pressure on them.

Simulation should be a 3-match ban. No matter what. That will cut the crap out of the game and people will stop cheating.

Escobar was ineffective all game; I think he showed signs of brilliance, but seems to make decisions much like Castillo.

On Castillo - Magnifico. Absolutely freaking brilliant before he was subbed, but that stunt after the game.. Let's hope he didn't make contact with a ref or we are looking at a probable multi-game suspension.

Questions this match created:

Does this result have a positive or negative affect on the locker room? I mean, a draw would have been great, but given the circumstances is the team upset with themselves, or each other, after dropping 2 points?

Would you like Pareja and Hunt to publicly criticize the refs in this situation so the league has to pay more attention to these situations?

Halfway through the season, who is your FCD MVP thus far?