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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Game Grades

FC Dallas put up an impressive team performance on Saturday for their first win in almost 2 months. Lets see how the individual performances were.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 5

Had an ok game.  He did have 2 saves on the night but was very very out of position on the first Rapids goal. His uncertainty (not to take anything away from the skill of Deshorn Brown) contributed big time to the flick over goal. Thankfully his offense bailed him out on the night.

Zach Loyd - 8

I have been talking over the past few weeks about Loyd getting better every game and it happened again this week with his best performance of the year. To be honest this may have been his best game in the past two years. Not only did Zach score a goal from a laser of a shot while playing RB he performed very well when slotted in at CB for the second half in relief of Matt Hedges.

Walker Zimmerman - 6

What a shame it was to lose the big man in the 44th minute. Up until the apparent hamstring injury the youngster was playing admirably. Solid distribution and good covering over all for the half we saw him in. This isn't the first time Walker has had hamstring issues so lets hope that it wasn't as bad as we all think it is.

Matt Hedges - 5

Another CB that only saw one half of play. Word is that it was also a hamstring injury for Hedges but that it was more precautionary than anything. His legs have seen a ton of minutes this season so far. If both Zimmerman and Hedges are not available on Wednesday that would leave Stephen Keel and Nick Walker as the only true CB's on the squad.

Jair Benitez - 8

Benitez is a bit of an enigma lately. Some games he plays brilliantly and others he's barely noticeable except for his screw ups. This game was clearly the former. As I said in the rewatch, the guy looked 5 years younger out there. Fast, smart, hungry, and with great set pieces I was blown away at his performance. FCD will need him to step up again on Wednesday night against a stout Portland attack.

Peter Luccin - 4

It was pure luck that he escaped a straight red (hell it wasn't even a yellow somehow) very early in the match. While his distribution wasn't bad he was a liability when making tackles. I know that the position he plays demands physicality but he is always on the verge of getting a red card and makes me, as a fan, nervous when he's on the pitch. Not many options at DM right now but when other guys get healthy I have a feeling Luccin's minutes will be scarce.

Victor Ulloa - 9

I don't give many 9's on here but Victor's performance was absolutely worth the grade. For me he was the clear Man of the Match. The guys motor never stops running whether it's the 3rd minute or the 93rd minute. He bossed around Colorado's quality midfield all game and really came through in the closing minutes as other FCD players faded.

Andres Escobar - 6

First start of the season and first goal of the season for big money man from Colombia. Jair did all of the hard work on his goal but his slight flick is what guaranteed the ball went in the back of the net. His defensive work could be a bit better but to be fair that isn't what FCD hired him to do. I think that Castillo feels more comfortable with Escobar than he does Watson.  That will certainly be something to watch in upcoming games.

Fabian Castillo - 8

I've been harsh on Castillo this season but this game was great for the FCD speedster. It felt like he finally put a complete game together for once. With Escobar in the lineup Castillo was freed up to move where ever he wanted and it did him, and FCD, a lot of good. With his new freedom to roam Castillo seemed like a beast unleashed. Might Pareja have found the answer to Castillo's issues?

Tesho Akindele - 6

Another solid outing from Tesho on Saturday. His fitness level blows me away and the guy doesn't seem to fade over the course of a game. His finishing clearly needs some work as he missed a couple of easy chances but I can't wait to see what FCD gets from this young man when he is fully polished.

Blas Perez - 6

Having a strike partner in Akindele is doing Blas some good. He looked hungry and was very aggressive during this game. Whatever has been holding the Panamanian back for the past few games was gone on Saturday. While he could have done better to finish the header off the cross bar Blas is finally looking dangerous again. MLS teams may want to watch out for him in the second half of the season.

Oscar Pareja - 8

What ever he did to this team to make them look so hungry again he needs to keep doing it. Even when put in a really crappy place by having both of his CB's go out in the first half he made sure that his subs understood their job and they executed it perfectly. This may have had some extra emotion for the former Rapids coach but he certainly stood up to the pressure. If I can offer one bit of advice to the coach: KEEP SETTING CASTILLO FREE!! It seemed to work well.

Off The Bench

Stephen Keel - 7

CB is never a position a coach wants to sub in but Keel did a great job for the Hoop's off the bench. All you can ask of your subs is to be prepared and give your all and Keel did both to great success.

Je Vaughn Watson - 6

I know he's played RB earlier in the season and some last year but this was his best outing there so far. With all of the mixing and matching during this game on the back line credit has to be given to all of the guys for playing so well.

Andrew Jacobson - 6

So now that Jacobson is healthy that means no more Luccin right? Right? A solid job from the sometimes captain. He added a spark in the defense and cemented what was a nice performance, considering all the injuries, for FCD on the defensive side of the ball.