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Key Moments: Obafemi Martins and Seattle outclass FCD

It was another tough day for FC Dallas as they drop their 4th in their last five. The early season form has definitely disappeared, but let’s sees how it happened on Wednesday night.

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Seattle were hungry to get an early goal and in the 12th minute Marco Pappa hit a swerving shot at Raul Fernandez who could only get a hand on it which forced the ball towards Clint Dempsey who could have put it into the back of the net on a different day.

Just two minutes later Blas Perez is brought down in the box by Brad Evans after a ball was crossed in by Danny Garcia and referee Baldemero Toledo whistled and pointed to the spot.


Michel made no mistake from the spot as he left Stefan Frei standing still as he put it into the back of the net - 1-0 FCD early on!

Clint Dempsey hit a nice free kick from just over 20 yards out but Fernandez was never going to be beaten on that one.

It has become pretty obvious in the first half hour that FCD are looking to sit back and strike on set pieces - not a horrible gameplan against a red hot Seattle side.


Brad Evans and Chad Marshall combine with headers to nearly tie the match, but Matt Hedges gets a deflection on the ball to keep the small lead.

Danny Garcia received a ball inside the box and tried to slot it through to David Texeira, but Chad Marshall went into full extension with his leg to get a touch on the ball to stop what was surely going to be a second goal for Dallas.

Quick Halftime Recap:

Although Dallas have a 1-0 lead after the first have, the match was heavily dominated by a Seattle side that has been stellar thus far in the half. The choppiness of the game has benefited Dallas and the more it flows and speeds up the more it will benefit Seattle.


There wasn't really any glaring moments that stood out at the beginning of the second half, but nothing really changed from either side coming into the second half. Seattle kept pressing and Dallas tried to get up field and earn set pieces when given the opportunity.


You don't have to give Obafemi Martins much space for him to punish you, but Walker Zimmerman gave Martins 10 yards to make it that much easier and Martins put the ball on a platter for Lamar Neagle who tapped the ball past Fernandez to tie the match up.

Fabian Castillo entered the match in the 65th minute for David Texeira and slots in up top in a direct swap.

Seattle almost took the lead when Ozzie Alonso ripped a shot that Fernandez pushed onto the post, butf for the second time in the match it pops out to Clint Dempsey who just has to tap it in, but somehow Raul Fernandez gets up and throws himself in front of the shot for a miracle save to keep the match level.

72nd minute and Danny Garcia comes off after playing 162 minutes in 4 days while Victor Ulloa comes on in place of him. This pushes FCD into a flat 4-4-2 instead of the diamond as they look to close the match out and take a point in Seattle.


Jair Benitez makes his first substitute appearance of the season as he enters the match for Andrew Jacobson and plays his normal role as Michel pushes into the midfield.

FCD's best chance of the game from open play came when Fabian Castillo went flying down the left side of the pitch, cut in, and fired a shot on goal but it was too close to Stefan Frei and he made a comfortable save.

Kenny Cooper entered the match in the 86th minute and immediately made an impact. In only two minutes on the field the only Dallas favorite puts Dallas to sleep after scoring his 3rd goal of the season after Martins put in yet another perfect ball that will always result in a goal and gives Seattle a 2-1 win.

Quick Match Summary:

FCD went into the match with a plan and it nearly held for the full 90, but it collapsed just minutes short of full time. It's always dangerous to sit back in a match and Dallas will hopefully learn from this after losing the lead, and 3 points, in 3 of their last 5 matches.

Obafemi Martins was too much for Dallas to handle. He showed why he earns as much as the whole FCD squad combined as he basically single handedly gave Seattle 3 points.

FCD did well shutting down Dempsey for the most part, but all the extra attention caused from the last time they played actually gave Oba the room he needed.

Perez and Texeira didn't look ideal together, but it is only there first time seeing the field as a duo and strong partnerships take time to mold.

Loyd had a strong performance except for one play... If he sticks with Neagle on the first play (or communicates with Hedges to take him over) there is no goal and FCD could hold on for the win.

Benitez blew it in a short time on the field...

Ulloa and Garcia both looked solid again representing the FCD homegrowns in a positive way.

Castillo could have made a difference in the match if he had any help up the field, but he outran his own team as well as Seattle when he looked dangerous.

Fernandez earned the starting spot today with the double save on Alonso and Dempsey - Seitz is a solid keeper, but he doesn't make that save.

Questions this Match Created:

Although FCD still sit in a playoff spot after losing 4 out of their last 5, do you still see them making the playoffs after this collapse?

Who should FCD have at outside back down the line?

Zimmerman or Keel?

Seitz or Fernandez?

4-4-2 or the normal 4-2-3-1?