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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: Mid Week Game Grades

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Let's take a look at how FCD did against the Seattle Sounders.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 8

If not for 3 amazing saves this game is 4-1 Seattle. When none of the FCD players on the field could deal with Clint Dempsey it was Raul that stepped up and made some amazing plays. The guy could have multiple Save of the Week nominations after this game.

Zach Loyd - 6

I really had to think this one over. For the first 55-60 minutes of this match he was spot on. He looked fit, sharp, and like his old self. Then the gas tank ran dry and he withered....badly. The entire backline looked disjointed all night. I like Zach but I'm really missing Kellyn about now.

Matt Hedges - 7

Could have done a better job of keeping the backline in order but otherwise had a solid game. The guy was involved in the attack, set pieces, and trying to deal with Martins and Dempsey. I worry sometimes about him pushing way too far up the pitch and leaving his partners in defense flapping in the wind. It's a damn shame he couldn't put his last second header on target.

Walker Zimmerman - 5

Zimmerman has a bright future ahead of him but it's clear that he still has a lot to learn in order to be a truly effective CB at the MLS level. All of this will of course come with time and experience. I want to see his awareness of attacking players increase. He lets too many guys sneak up on him, including Kenny Cooper in the 88th minute.

Michel - 6

I actually didn't have too many issues with Michel's defending......for the first 70 minutes. The guy was clearly exhausted towards the end of the match and gave up some bad balls. His spot kicks could have been a little better but considering he was taking corners on both sides of the pitch I can excuse it. Don't know that we'll see him start in San Jose with how worn out he looked.

Hendry Thomas - 8

I would love to give you some insight into Hendry's performance but I would just be repeating myself from almost every Game Grades piece I've done. The guy is as solid as a rock.  Enough said.

Adam Moffat - 3

His performance in one word: woof. I know he played LW because of injuries and suspensions but Moffat was out played throughout the match. The guy looked slow and about 10 yrs older than he really is. Why he wasn't subbed out by the 60th (or at all for that matter) I'll never understand. At times he more often passed the ball back to Seattle than to his FCD teammates.

Danny Garcia - 6

Much like Walker Zimmerman the kid has skills but a lot to learn. Garcia didn't create much of anything in this match but did go 100% the whole time. To be fair he didn't have the normal starters out there to help but he got tossed around all night. I really worry about his size and inability to be physical.

Andrew Jacobson - 6

Most of his positive work was done in the defensive half of the field but to be fair he's no winger. Another guy who's performance was hurt by the necessity to play him out of position. Did a solid job but had almost no effect on the attacking side of the ball.

David Texeira - 4

He played in this match right? I'm pretty sure he did...... Texeira is starting to have a tendency of disappearing for large stretches of matches. Should we be worried? I've been saying no but I'm not so sure now.

Blas Perez - 7

Is there anywhere on the field Blas won't run into in order to make a play? I still don't think there is a bigger agitator in MLS (that doesn't wear a San Jose jersey). A good night for Blas but unfortunately couldn't get much quality service.

Oscar Pareja - 5

I can't be too harsh because he was just working with what he had but I definitely thought his sub choices and timing could have been better. Benitez for Jacobson? Second sub not until the 72nd minute? Leaving Adam Moffat on the field?!?!? I'm hoping for a better showing on Saturday.

Off The Bench

Fabian Castillo - 8

The young Colombian was electric off of the bench. It's a damn shame that most every other FCD player was out of gas by the time he stepped on the pitch. I thought he controlled the ball well and even took a quality shot on goal. Nice work from Fabian.

Victor Ulloa - 6

An odd sub for me at the time but rewatching the game it was clear that Danny Garcia was just out of gas. Another good effort from the youngster. He continues to develop into a really good player for Oscar Pareja.

Jair Benitez - 5

Should his grade be higher? Probably but I'm docking him big time for falling asleep on KENNY COOPER OF ALL PEOPLE!!!! His marking on that final goal was just awful. Besides that though Benitez did add somewhat of a spark to help out Fabian Castillo. I like him better in an off the bench role.