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Big D Soccer Man of the Match: Hendry Thomas

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The veteran midfielder was all over the field for FC Dallas.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I liked it better when I could always easily pick Diaz for this award.

Oh well, things change, I suppose.

Wednesday's game was, in my opinion, very well played for FC Dallas for more than half of the game considering they were in Seattle, without a CAM and without their second-fastest player. That being said, it still wasn't enough to get it done and I think we might be facing some serious issues here if we don't regroup quick enough.

The brightest spot for me from the other night's game was without a doubt Hendry Thomas. The man was just a rock.

Thomas quietly has lived up to expectations here and has been one of the team's best offseason moves. Last night, he completed 32 passes, made six interceptions, had three clearances and eight recoveries. And that's just what's on paper.

There's no doubt FC Dallas wanted to force the Seattle Sounders wide last night, which for a while, was effective. Clint Dempsey didn't have much impact on the game (he would have if not for two insanely crazy saves from Raul) in comparison to his recent performances, and the two goals Seattle scored came from balls served across the face of goal followed by tap-ins from unmarked players.

Consistently all night, Thomas was the best part of a very shaky and largely ineffective midfield. He was distributing the ball much more often than ever before, it was just a shame that FCD had no pace going forward to counter off those passes.

Another aspect of Thomas' play that I liked that he was able to play with grit without getting a yellow. A player is really effective if he can physically send a message to the opposing team without drawing the referee's attention.

For the first half, Zach Loyd was quite phenomenal in marking Dempsey, but he faded in the second half, as did much of the back four.

For the second game in a row, Raul was my number two vote because he again showed those cat-like and acrobatic-like reflexes and reactions. I feel safe with him in goal.

Hendry was a big help for the team last night, and I think that if Dallas can get that some sort of production out of him each game, a healthy, suspension-free midfield can really do damage off of clearing passes from Thomas.

Who was your Man of the Match? What are your thoughts on my decision and the game as a whole? Vote and comment below. DTID!