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Rankings Recap: FC Dallas Struggles at Home

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Short-handed FC Dallas fall short to New York Red Bulls.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight week, FC Dallas took a loss. Will FCD turn it around? Or will they start to crumble and fall down the boards?

Are these rankings right about FCD? Where do you think the Hoops belong? Which team surprised you?

Rank: 6 (Last week: 3)

Comment: Even more worrying than the two straight losses, and three in four, is the mysterious status of Mauro Diaz. If he's out for the long haul, this team is in trouble.


Rank: 7 (Last week: 3)

Comment: Apparently the adage that it's easier to win with 11 men on the field as opposed to 10 hasn't taken root in Dallas, where Je-Vaughn Watson's early red card put FCD in a tough spot. Blas Perez's failure to convert a penalty didn't help either.

Sports Illustrated: Planet Futbol

Rank: 6 (Last week: 4)

Comment: An injury-depleted Dallas lost another player when Je-Vaughn Watson saw an early red card agaisnt New York. Still, Dallas could have won with 10 men had Blas Perez buried his penalty kick.


Rank: 5 (Last week: 5)

Comment: For the second week in a row, Dallas was undone by a first half red card, and for the second week in a row, we’ll take a wait-and-see approach before bumping Óscar Pareja’s team down. There’s no reason to believe these red cards will continue. There’s also no reason to pass judgement on a team’s ability to play with only 10.