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Video Game Preview - FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders

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In the second Video Game Preview, we find out whether Dallas got their virtual revenge and what kind of chance the real club has at getting points in Seattle.

Cooper Neill

FC Dallas' game against Seattle almost a month ago was their first loss of the season and started a four-game slide during which the Red and Blue have lost three of four.

Tonight, Dallas goes for revenge in Seattle.

I went for my own revenge via FIFA14 on my Playstation3 last night. With big names and a healthy history, Seattle was going to be tough to beat.

Big Names

Big names like Clint Dempsey are hugely rewarded in FIFA14, especially compared with the majority of MLS players. While Dallas has a number of really good players, they don't have any player with the notoriety of resume of Dempsey or Brad Evans. Big names on teams like Seattle, Toronto, LA Galaxy, and New York Red Bulls make those teams especially tough to beat in this game.

Patience (again)

Have I mentioned I don't like to be patient. I tried though against a Seattle AI team that I knew would make Clint Dempsey out of this world.

It paid off. Kind of.

Dempsey was kept in-check for most of the game as I played position defense and didn't go for as many tough 50-50 balls. I was rewarded with numerous opportunities to counter-attack. Unfortunately, they didn't lead to any goals.

Chris Seitz - Man of the match

Seitz made some amazing saves. On one sequence, he went from saving an angled shot from the corner of the 18-yard box only to make another sprawling save on the rebound. The AI and graphics allow for some really cool sequences like this. The 2010 version of FIFA never had anything like this.

Finishing is still really tough

The good news is my FIFA version of FC Dallas is giving themselves lots of chances. In that regard, they are a mirror image of the team that got themselves a penalty opportunity on Sunday despite only playing with ten men.

They are also a mirror of the real club in that they (I) couldn't convert a stupid penalty. Instead, Michel air-mailed it over the crossbar and the match went into extra time. I really wanted to get a goal and extra time was the way I hoped to do that.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way and regulation ended 0-0. I'm proud of myself for being patient and not giving up any stupid goals, but for a video game to continue to be rewarding, I'm going to have to see some results pretty soon here. Like I said in my first of these posts -- this game can be too realistic sometimes in the frustration department.

Penalty shootout

Instead of scoring in extra time, we ended-up in a penalty shootout -- something I wasn't too keen on. As the goalie, I finally figured out how to use the right joystick to dive and made a really nice save on my first shot. It was enough to win it in the end, and FC Dallas beat Seattle Sounders FC on PK's.

My real prediction

Seattle was well-prepared to play against Dallas' style in the last game. Dallas is in the midst of playing three games in six days streak where their fitness and ability to prepare will really be tested. I have been a big supporter of what Oscar Pareja has done early-on, but playing a team for the second time should be an indicator of where they're at.

Unlike what happened when given good opportunities in FIFA14, I'm not thinking that Mauro Diaz will actually stand in the box and do nothing when given a shot opportunity. Instead, I think Dallas scores at least once or twice in the rel-life matchup.

I also think Seattle will score though, but not enough to beat whatever wrinkle Dallas decides to throw at the Sounders in their second matchup in less than a month. I'm going to call this one a draw: 1-1 or 2-2.

Stats from FIFA14 preview:

Total Shots:

FC Dallas 11, Seattle Sounders FC 7


FC Dalls 50%, Seattle Sounders 50%

My score:

FC Dallas 0 - 0 Seattle Sounders FC (FC Dallas wins shootout)

My prediction:

FC Dallas 2 - 2 Seattle Sounders FC