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Series History: FCD hold slight edge over NYRB in Frisco

FCD hold a slight advantage over New York while playing at home heading into the only meeting of the year for these two teams that are both looking to send a message.


FC Dallas host New York Red Bulls this Sunday and it will be interesting to see how FCD lines up with the rumor of the season thus far. With Mauro Diaz likely out for the only meeting of the season between these clubs, do we see a shift in formation? Only time will tell.

What we can see though is how the series has gone in the past, and it looks doesn't look too great for FCD heading into this clash. You would think any home team would hold a pretty good percentage of wins at home vs any single club, but FCD has only won 9 of 19 matches at home against NYRB. That means we have dropped points in over 50% of the matches at home vs NY with 7 losses and 2 draws. That's a measly 9-2-8 record at home, but hopefully it will be better come Monday!

The overall series tilts slightly in New York's favor with 19 wins for the Red Bulls to 17 wins for FCD with only 4 draws in the series history.  There has been an average of 2.925 goals per game in series history (FCD with 61 and NYRB with 56) and 3 goals per game in Dallas (31 for Dallas and 26 for the Red Bulls.) This game should be a pretty open one given the history and how each team has scored at ease in recent weeks.

With the fairly new unbalanced schedule in MLS FCD only played New York one time last season and it ended in a 1-0 win for The Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena with the only goal coming from an own goal from Erick (who is no longer with the club) in the 76th minute. The midfield was heavily dominated by a much stronger New York team, but FCD has seen strong improvements in the midfield this season so it should a bit more even. With Michel out due to suspension and Diaz likely out injured it should be interesting to watch the two midfields battle it out to see which team will hold the ball for the larger percentage of the game. Highlights from last year's match are below:

FCD has started the season 4-0-1 at home this year,  and the Red Bulls are only sitting at 2-2-5 on the season without a win on the road so there seems to be a sort of good fortune for FCD heading into the weekend.

Based on the past it looks like there is a slight advantage for FCD coming into the match at Toyota Stadium on Sunday, but in reality it will come down to whichever defense can hold off the other team's streaking forwards in what is sure to be a game with at least 3 goals (my prediction.)