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Could Brek Shea Land In Orlando?

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Orlando City is bringing the former FC Dallas star in on a training stint.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

You have to love this time of the year. Rumors swirling left and right but this one I have to say makes a good amount of sense.

Former FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea is likely going on a training stint with Orlando City SC in the coming weeks, this according to the Orlando Sentinel. Shea will begin a 10-day training session with the USL PRO side on Thursday.

We all know how these 'training stints' go with clubs. Sometimes they work out into a full fledged transfer and other times it is just what it says it is, a training stint. But why this one makes sense is given who is involved. Shea's former agent, Paul McDonough, is now Orlando City's general manager. Orlando City president Phil Rawlins was also a director at Stoke City for 14 years before resigning in February.

FCD does not own the rights to Shea in the event he returns to MLS either. That much we've been over. He would be a realistic fit for the 2015 expansion side as he could come over here on a loan or even a full transfer in 2015. Orlando will be at the top of the allocation system by 2015 anyways, which would help facilitate such a move at that time.

I've been told by a couple other sources that a handful of MLS sides are keeping an eye on Shea and his potential exit from Stoke City. In other words, it may only be a matter of time before we see Shea in a MLS uniform again.