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Big D Soccer Man of the Match: Chris Seitz

Earning the season's first shutout also earned Seitz our top player for last weekend's game.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After 14 games, FC Dallas finally got the shutout that they so badly searched for.

Looking back at this one, several routes could be taken as to who deserves Man of the Match, but to avoid keeping well-deserved accolades from any of the defensemen, I'll give this one to the man behind the sticks.

It was refreshing to see Chris Seitz back in the net because as much as I love Raul Fernandez's over-acrobatism, Seitz has that leadership that I think all goalies must possess.

FCD started two new defenders, Moises Hernandez and Walker Zimmerman Saturday night, and while there is no way of judging exactly how much of an impact having vocal Chris Seitz behind them had, it certainly gave the back line a boost.

Seitz's ability to point defenders around, talk to them and praise/scold them is something this team has benefitted from and has really helped the back line this season when health and consistency has been an issue.

For the game itself, Seitz only had to deal with one shot on goal, thanks to stellar defense from a number of guys, including Adam Moffat, who played his best game of the year, but also to his ability to see things before they happen. A couple times, Seitz confidently came off his line to punch incoming crosses away, something he's greatly improved at from a year ago.

Something I saw that Jason pointed out in his Chalkboard post was when in the 97th minute, Seitz ripped into Escobar for letting a cross into the box uncontested. Having a guy like Seitz who isn't afraid to openly hold a teammate accountable is a great thing to see.

With a team this young and with lineups that are constantly changing, it's good to have Seitz be a guy who will push guys to play smart and make smart plays.

I was also really impressed with Moises Hernandez's play. Before this game I wasn't too keen on him, but I see now the kind of speed and nose for the ball he has, and in my opinion, plays much bigger than his size.

This was a step in the right direction, and while there are still plenty of questions, having the offense not get a goal and still leave Rio Tinto with a point is a major indication of what this defense is capable of.

What were your thoughts on the match and my MotM decision? Who was yours? Vote and comment below. DTID!