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FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy: Game Grades

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Another road game and another tough result.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 5

Yet another game without a clean sheet. To be fair the shot from Keane was amazing and Raul certainly didn't get any help from his back line on either goal. I don't know what more he has to do to get a clean sheet but it needs to start tomorrow.

Zach Loyd - 7

Another solid game for Zach. Played his marks close all night and had a few nice attacking movements up the side line. He did a really nice job of helping the CB's on a night that they seemed to be lacking. Glad to see Zach in full fitness. The team will really need him in Salt Lake.

Stephen Keel - 4

Keel had arguably his worst performance of the year on Wednesday. The Keane goal I'll chalk up to a great shot by Robbie but Keel was completely asleep on the Zardes goal. I mean embarrassingly so.

Matt Hedges - 4

After a hot start to the year that had many of us, myself included, salivating at his USMNT future the sometimes captain has cooled off over the last few games. We all know that he's better than this. I hate to say it but maybe the guy just needs a rest. Is it time that Nick Walker possibly gets a start? This two week World Cup break can't come soon enough for this squad.

Jair Benitez - 6

While some on this team have dipped in form over the last few games, Jair isn't one of those. He ran his butt off the whole game and really put himself in positions to make plays.  And that assist..... So sublime on the cross. Another great effort from the vet. He's stepping up when the team really needs someone too.

Victor Ulloa - 6

The young HGP continues to impress and show why Pareja has shown faith in him. I don't really have any complaints about him. He does his job and does it well. His b2b play could definitely improve but I think that will come to him in time.

Andrew Jacobson - 5

Did a good enough job for the 26 minutes he was on the field. Losing yet another dmid puts this team in an even tougher spot than they were already in. Lets hope he heals up quickly.

Je Vaughn Watson - 6

Watson put in a great effort in this game. He suffers from the fact that this squad seems to just want to pass the ball out to Castillo and let him run at the end line. Due to some iffy defending he was forced to drop back more/further than you really want a winger to. He did have four shots on the night and with better finishing could have easily had a goal.

Danny Garcia - 3

Yikes.... Easily his worst game for FC Dallas. He looked timid and lost for the half that he did play. I'm not really sure what it is he needs to do but he is completely lacking of any killer instinct. His back is to the goal far too often and he just gets shoved around like a rag doll. It's time for Garcia to step up.

Fabian Castillo - 6

Actually had a couple of nice shots on goal but still, as he tends to do, ran at the end line with nothing to show for far too often. With Mauro out and Garcia showing so little as far as creativity this team is relying on him far too often. Teams know that Castillo is now the go to guy and they double team him every chance they get. He really stepped it up when Escobar came on in the second half. That's going to be a fun pairing to watch.

Tesho Akindele - 6

Was he offside on the goal? Absolutely. Should any of us care? No. The youngster put himself in a good position and took advantage of a reffing mistake. He clearly has things to learn and improve at but he gets better and better every game. I would like to see him play with a strike partner up top who can hold up the ball. I have high hopes for Akindele.

Oscar Pareja - 5

While he was forced to sub in Moffat early I really like the message he sent with the half time sub of Escobar for Garcia. Garcia simply wasn't good enough on the night and Oscar made sure he knew it. The only knock I have is that Perez came in about 10 minutes later than I though he should have.

Off The Bench

Adam Moffat - 6

Definitely an improvement over his last few games. My biggest issue that he seems disinterested out there at times. I don't know if his injury is still nagging him or what but with he and Ulloa as the only dmid options right now he has got to step up his game and be the player that FC Dallas hoped he could be when they brought him in.

Andres Escobar - 7

His performances continue to improve with every minute that he gets on the field. His spark was clear from the start of the second half. I'm not sure if he's 90 minutes fit but I wouldn't mind him getting a shot to start the RSL game. As I stated above, he and Castillo are going to be a fun partnership to watch.

Blas Perez - NA

Should have been brought in earlier. I hope his start on the bench sent the appropriate message and that we can get our old Blas back now.