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Big D Daily: News for Friday, May 23, 2014

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The US roster is out and it is full of controversy.

Kyle Rivas

Yesterday sure was fun right? No Landon Donovan on the United States World Cup roster sure was an interesting way to end the day.

// FC Dallas //

Four leftovers from the Galaxy loss | Soccerly

Good points here, particularly about the defense leaving Raul Fernandez out to dry.

Hassli enjoying his time in San Antonio | Soccerly

Always a favorite of mine to interview last year, it sounds like Eric Hassli is doing well in the NASL and is finally healthy again.

// MLS //

RSL with a chance to tie a record this weekend |

This current bunch could tie a record that was set back in 1996 by the Galaxy. An unbeaten start through 12 games.

Top five Colombian players in MLS all-time |

FCD got two of the five. Not bad.

New look at Beckham's Miami venue | Miami Herald

They still have a ton of work to do here but that location would be ideal.

Vegas setting deadlines for possible MLS venue | Las Vegas Sun

I still believe this potential group is behind a few others but getting the stadium deal done would be a massive step forward for them.

// World Cup //

Why Landon's legacy couldn't carry him to Brazil |

This may take some time to get over. A couple wins in Brazil would do it.

There will be life after Landon |

Yes it was a shocker but we all knew it was going to happen eventually that he wouldn't make a World Cup roster.

A guess at the US starting XI against Ghana |

Oh the guessing game will be a fun one between now and the middle of June.

How experienced this US team is compared to the past |

Only five players have any World Cup experience. Oh boy.