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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, May 22, 2014

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The Hoops stumble yet again.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

And now the winless streak sits at six games. Fun. Hopefully the gang is getting this out of their system instead of putting us through another long summer of losing.

// FC Dallas //

Jacobson's injury leads to more frustration |

Yeah, I guess we'll add another name to the list. Our injury report is starting to resemble a starting lineup.

Galaxy end their own skid against FCD | Soccerly

Another game recap here for those who didn't watch last night.

// MLS //

No Kaka, so how about Robinho? | La Gazetta

Orlando could be waiting a little longer for Kaka but maybe Robinho will come first in 2015? That would be impressive.

Beasley shoots down MLS talk |

Come on Run DMB, return to MLS already!

Visual map of Homegrown territories | Brotherly Game

I'm not sure how accurate this really is but pretty cool to look at none the less.

Petke isn't seeing RBNY-Cosmos rivalry | Once a Metro

And nor should he.

What is with the field at Rio Tinto? | RSL Soapbox

Awesome, their field is beat up, that should make for a fun game on Saturday.

Net value of each MLS owner | Reddit

Some nice detective work done here.

// World Cup //

US will bid on 2026 Cup if FIFA changes policies |

I get why they are saying this but at the end of the day, just bid on the damn thing, stop complaining (FIFA isn't changing that quickly) and win it.