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FC Dallas vs Chivas USA: Game Grades

FC Dallas finally got a point for the first time in 5 games. Lets take a look at how the individual performances were.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 6

Another week and still no clean sheet but Raul finally got his first points of the year. Without his Save of the Week nominated stop it would have been zero points for the Hoops.

Zach Loyd - 6

It seems that Zach is finally hitting his stride this season. His passing was as good as it's been all year and Zach is rewarding FC Dallas for that new contract he got in the off season. The rust has been knocked off and with Kellyn Acosta still out for at least another month his form is coming in at the perfect time.

Stephen Keel - 7

Like Zach Loyd, Stephen Keel may have had his best game this season. His marking was much improved and his passing out of the back was as good as you can hope for. I still think a healthy George John (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) would drastically help this team in the back but Keel is easily, to me anyways, the next best option.

Matt Hedges - 5

His possession and passing were spot on all night. His marking on the goal by Delgado....yeah about that. I think a lot of the blame goes to Michel, more on that in a second, but Matt's hesitation gave Delgado a nice easy redirection into the net.

Michel - 4

The roller-coaster that is Michel Garbini Pereira was on a down slope this match. Chivas did a good job of not allowing Michel chances to get the ball onto his left foot in dangerous positions. His passing was off and he takes 75% of the blame on the Delgado goal. It's always a crap shoot with Michel and this time it came up 7. That said lets hope that his hamstring is okay for the busy schedule over the next two weeks.

Victor Ulloa - 7

I love watching this kid play. I can't heap enough praise on him. He has effectively pushed Jacobson out off the starting lineup and hasn't looked back. He's one guy on this squad that I don't really worry about when he's on the field. The kid is a workhorse and has shown that he not only wants to be on this squad, but deserves to be here.

Adam Moffat - 5

Moffat is a difficult guy for me to figure out. He'll make a nice defensive play and then turn around and make an atrocious pass that leads to chances for the opposition. It's so frustrating! Not a bad game for Moffat but certainly not a good one either.

Fabian Castillo - 7

A nice effort from the young Colombian. There wasn't a single player on Chivas USA that could match up with him. Castillo embarrassed all that tried. It is great to see him get out of his scoring funk. Now lets just hope that this goal becomes a catalyst for a few more in the next couple of weeks.

Jair Benitez -7

I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of Benitez in the #10 role. While his distribution could have used some more work he performed better than any of us could have hoped. His skills with the ball aren't as good at Danny Garcia but he at least always looked hungry to get into good attacking positions. Add an assist to his evening and you have to applaud Jair for his effort on the night.

Je Vaughn Watson - 7

The Jamaican winger looked like he had been missing the field and, after two games out, put in a good performance. His size on the right side is a really nice compliment to Castillo's speed on the left. It's definitely good to have him back and if FCD want to have a successful 2 game road trip Watson will need to be a big part of that.

Blas Perez - 3

Another week and another bad performance from Blas Perez. So many times Castillo would get the ball into a good position and the guy who's supposed to be the target man on the squad was nowhere to be found. It's time for Pareja to tell Blas to stop dropping back into defense. I know he makes some good defensive plays but that's not what he's paid to do. What good is a striker that can't score goals?

Oscar Pereja - 7

I added a point just for the ballsy move to start Jair Benitez in the attack. The game plan seemed solid but Pareja has to figure out a way to get this anemic attack going again. I know Mauro's not here but that excuse only goes so far. Let's hope he gives these guys a kick in the ass before the LA game tomorrow.

Off The Bench

Andres Escobar - 7

A nice return to the field for Escobar on Saturday night. He really was a nice threat addition for FC Dallas in the last third of the game. We all know back injuries can be tricky (turns and looks at Eric Hassli) and I would expect him to keep getting more and more minutes as his recovery continues.

David Texeira - 1

In 21+ minutes Tex had six touches on the ball.....SIX!! My patience is wearing thin with this one.

Tesho Akindele - NA

Is it time for Tesho to maybe get a start over Blas?