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Big D Daily: News for Friday, May 2, 2014

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The weekend is upon us as FCD hosts New York.

Cooper Neill

We're getting closer to Sunday's game as FC Dallas hosts New York. But first some links to cap off the work week.

// FC Dallas //

Hedges breaking out in 2014 | American Soccer Now

As the World Cup camp is getting closer here this month, FCD has one guy that is on the verge of making some USMNT noise.

Player Spotlight on Hedges |

And another article weighing in on Matt Hedges.

Scarf of the month |

Seriously, just take all my money now.

Keys to the match | FCDTV

Scott and Daniel give us their top points for Sunday's match.

FCD faces roster concerns without Diaz and Acosta |

More on the Diaz and Acosta injuries.

Pareja seeking win at home to begin May | Soccerly

Getting off on the right foot to start this month is key.

Is FCD stonewalling on Diaz? | Dallas Morning News

Teams love to hold information as close to themselves as possible in this league.

// MLS //

Petke not happy with his teams habit of conceding penalties |

Hmm...something to keep an eye on with David Texeira and Blas Perez out on the field on Sunday.

NYCFC hoping to sign 3 DPs for 2015 |

As interested in Orlando as I may be, watching how NYCFC takes the league next year will be just as interesting but more so in the types of players they attract.

Rapids get jersey sponsor deal |

Good news for this club, now only San Jose and Houston are left sponsor-less.

Players and the media |

Our pal Bobby Warshaw pinned this wonderful piece.