View from the Beer Garden...until I was ejected in the 83rd minute

Let me preface this by saying a few things. First off, I’m not the biggest fan of beer showers. They should have been banned because of the George John incident, not because " casuals" get a little damp. Secondly, I hate confrontation and have never been kicked out of any event, bar, etc. If an argument/fight starts, I’m the guy out the door or going to the other side of the building. That being said, my experience of the beer garden on Saturday was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

I showed up at the tailgate late because I was watching TFC vs NYRB. Man, Defoe is legit. I then walked into the stadium and showed my ID at the top of the stairs of the beer garden. Business as usual. Then came the differences. I was then handed a small flyer, at least every third person got one. It was a warning about ejections for tossing liquid. I had seen the post from the DBG and gotten an email from my ticket rep. How was this going to affect the atmosphere that we all had worked so hard to build?

I then go into the bleachers. Something is off. Security seems doubled/tripled. Signs in front of the ad boards stating the policy again. As the game began, I see the head of security standing her post. Talking on the radio as if she is a chess player strategically positioning her pawns going for checkmate. Security is on the offensive. Undercover security is found out to be in the garden. I compare it to the group of American Outlaws who brave the crowd at Azteca for a game against Mexico and you clearly see the security in bright yellow and riot gear protecting that group. But I don’t feel protected right now. I feel they are the predator, I am the prey. Is this my home stadium?

At first I see a few of the group throw liquid. They quickly walk out and accept their ejections. I feel security closing in. The tension is thick and I’m feeling uncomfortable. "Build a bonfire" chants don’t put Houston at the top anymore, they put Gina (head of security) at the top. People are being ejected for throwing streamers for which the team itself bought. "You can’t kick us all out" chants rain. Chivas score. "DODGE RAM IT!!" Despite increased security, I see Frisco Police standing post. Are we criminals?

83rd minute. Jair cross. CASTILLO!!!! All the tension is gone for a split second. Fabian shows so much heart after being injured and gets the equalizer. This is the effect that Papi has on our boys. The water I was sipping on is poured on myself, then on the crowd. It’s what I’m trained to do. I love my club and I love my team!!! Split second later, my shirt is grabbed. "Come on" said Gina. Whatever. She has her clipboard of power. A few more are with me. "Let me see your ID". Here. "What’s your address?" It’s on the "fudging" card. "You don’t have to speak to me that way." You don’t have to eject me, but you’re gonna. "You are not allowed to come to the next game." Whatever. You feel better about yourself?

I walk up the steps. Security giving me what they probably think is a walk of shame. I don’t see it that way. I know I did the right thing. My phone immediately blows up with tweets of support. I stood up for the #BeerFamily that took me in when I first moved to Texas. I watch the end of the game from the sides of the stadiums. Ball after ball in the box. No dice. At least it’s a point. Go back to the tailgate area, supporters come out. "Were you really kicked out?" "I’m proud of you." "You’re the last guy I ever thought would do that." "That was awesome!" Thanks for the kind words. It won’t change policy, but for one night, this feels like a small victory in what has become the battle between FCD FO and SGs.

NOTE: To clarify, this post is in no way meant to brag and/or complain. It’s 2AM after the game and I just feel the need to share the story of this ongoing dilemma.

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