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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Game Grades

Another Frustrating loss for FC Dallas. Let's take a look at how the players did.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 6

Yes he had the great save on Gordon in the 37th but that's where the highlights ended. Once again his defense and an (ANOTHER) own goal let him down. This squad needs a clean sheet bad. I have a feeling Raul is the man to give it to them this weekend.

Zach Loyd - 5

Played alright for the 45 minutes he was on the pitch. The sub at HT was curious and I certainly hope it was just a precaution. I have a feeling it had to do with the cleat that he took to the knee from Shea Salinas. If he's not able to go this weekend there could be real problems for FCD with Acosta out as well.

Walker Zimmerman - 6

He, along with Michel, definitely contributed to the Cato goal. As I've said before he has to improve on his situational awareness if he wants to be a real stud in this league. That said his passing was an amazing 94% and he's starting to gel with Hedges. Lets all hope that it's just up from here for the young CB.

Matt Hedges - 6

At the end of this match I felt like Hedges had given everything he had for 90+. Probably should have done better on one of his 5 headers but considering he's a CB it can be forgiven. Many people have talked about him going to the USMNT camps and some clean sheets would help with that argument. I would like to see Matt not push so far up into the attack all the time. It seems that when he does he leaves his guys stranded and really stretches the defense out.

Michel - 7

That goal was another in a long line of highlight goals from the Brazilian. To me Michel only made one big mistake on the night and it turned out to be very costly for FCD. It's easy to blame Zimm for the Cato goal but Michel was completely asleep and should have marked Cato on his run. Other than that though the guy worked his ass off. Michel is proving to be a real engine for this team and while I have certainly questioned him as a starter I'm beginning to like him starting over Benitez. His left foot alone is worth the start.

Hendry Thomas - 8

As you may have seen on Twitter I have proposed a new nickname for Hendry. The Janitor, because the guy just mops up all over the field. When things start to go a little chaotic in the defensive half of the field Hendry is there to calmly clean up the mess and allow everyone else to go about their business. Thoughts?

Victor Ulloa - 7

Has calmly and quietly, at least in my mind, taken the starting spot next to Hendry away from Jacobson and Moffat. If the youth on this squad doesn't excite you for the future then you aren't paying attention. I'm so glad I was wrong in my early opinions of the kid. Kudos again to Pareja and to Ulloa for grabbing this chance by the balls.

Tesho Akindele - 5

Not a terrible first start from this year's first round draft pick. Clearly has some things to work on in his game but shows real promise. Definitely has to do better with chances in the box but we've seen worse first starts on this club, especially considering that he wasn't playing in his preferred striker role.

Danny Garcia - 4

Harsh grade? Maybe but if you're going to be the creative force in midfield you need to be...well...creative. 83% passing is, on the surface, a great stat, however the overwhelming majority of his passes were either lateral or back passes. The most frustrating part is that while FCD had a myriad of chances throughout the game Garcia had zero shots. The youngster must do better.

Fabian Castillo - 7

A very nice game from the Colombian. Certainly better than we've seen in a while. He seems to really be missing Watson on the right side though and he certainly got very little help from his strikers (or anyone for that matter). He could pretty much go wherever he wanted on the field. It's too bad nobody else in a blue kit could.

Blas Perez - 4

I can't tell what seems to be wrong with Blas. Is it a confidence issue? Is it just his age finally starting to show? I'm not sure but it's clear to me that Blas is off of his game. How he misses a point blank shot with half the goal mouth wide open is beyond me. If Blas isn't the answer then where does this team look for leadership up top?

Oscar Pareja - 4

Tex in for Loyd at the half? OK. Benitez in for Thomas? Alright... Jacobson in for Akindele? Huh? I'm not sure what needs to change on this team but it has to start in practice and it has to be initiated by Pareja.

Off The Bench

David Texeira - 3

Another shabby performance. The guy just disappears for huge chunks of time. About the only time he had anything do with the run of play he clumsily put the game winner in the back of his own net. Many times an OG can be forgiven but, to me anyways, this isn't one of them. I'm not sure if he was afraid of the ball or what but there is no reason he shouldn't gotten out of the way of or cleared that ball. It's time to step up for Tex and I'm just not seeing it.

Jair Benitez - 6

Benitez definitely added a spark to the FCD attack when he came on for Hendry. He really worked his butt off to get the ball and put it forward into the FCD attack. It's too bad the team had no ability to finish any of them.

Andrew Jacobson - NA

This sub made no sense to me.