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View From The East: Are You Serious?

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Like seriously, are you joking? FC Dallas has arguably their worst game of the season and it's hard to see any positives from it.

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Maybe I'm being a little sensational now, but a couple days removed from the game and I'm still getting this worked up isn't a normal thing. This is the first game I can honestly say "we played bad". So far our losses have been spirited, unlucky, and sometimes out of our control (see DCU game). Definitely a game we should forget, but first, let's go through it again.

Defensive Lapses Glaring

We conceded twice from defensive lapses, a flick-on header to a speedy attacker and an own-goal. On the first goal it looked like our defenders almost assumed that we'd win the incoming header and the ball would've been no issue. No sort of anticipation on our part, nor the precaution of 'what if Goodson actually wins the header'? Then for the 2nd goal it was an own goal created by confusion of everyone defending. In real time it looked like Wondo got a touch to it and put it past Fernandez with a slight touch on a good cross, but when I saw the replays I turned off the MLS Live I was watching (only to turn it back on a minute later lol). Has anyone kept track of how many own goals we have for the season? 3? 4? Too many this early in the season truth be told.

Absolutely Nothing Going Forward

Man, life without Mauro Diaz is tough and this game was the most abysmal in terms of generating any kind of offense other than lob & pray. Granted we had some chances towards the end with that strategy, Blas Perez having what SHOULD have been a simple finish cleared off the line somehow. Then a cross from Fabian Castillo that could have been finished by Tesho Akindele if they had more chemistry and more starts together (which I really wouldn't mind). Wasn't sure why Castillo was yelling at Tesho though, he hasn't exactly been with the first team all season. Back on topic though, we had no rhythm going forward and whatever game plan was instituted really didn't look like it was working even though we had a man up. Look at what we did to Houston a man up, look what DCU did to us a man up, it's lost to me what happened during this game. Teams should be punished after going a man down and we did no such punishing this game. Our only goal came off a set piece, no surprise, and it was a nice free kick from Michel that finally got us on the board but despite this goal we were generally poor on set pieces all around this game. Tough to say that when set pieces have been our forte all season and last.

The Only Positive

Tesho Akindele, really liked seeing him out there and I'd fancy him to challenge Je-Vaugh for the spot after a few lukewarm performances from the Jamaican. That's it for positives really, this game should be forgotten by all.

Does anyone think Tesho is pushing JVW for the right wing spot after this performance? Should we have had more creativity than pumping the ball into the box being a man up? Is George John another Ihemelu?! We need him!!