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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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Maybe yesterday's rain shower will bring some good luck back to FC Dallas.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a big day in US Soccer and MLS. Big announcements and good news all around.

// FC Dallas //

Michel up for GotW |


Raul Fernandez up for SotW |

I'll be really surprised if Raul Fernandez doesn't come away with this one.

NBC5 Interviews Seitz and his bone marrow patient |

In case you missed this interview over the weekend, we have you covered.

// MLS //

TV time slots are music to fan's ears |

Having a consistent time for games will be huge going forward. I suppose we need to prepare for more Sunday and Friday evening games around here.

MLS takes a calculated gamble with new deal |

But there are some reasons to be worried about this deal. As good as it sounds there are some gambles to it.

Timbers looking to add DP striker |

Interesting to see them going after a forward when they really need defensive help.

Garber on MLS to Euro calendar |

Nice of him to throw the cold water on that idea again. Nearly impossible is right.

Orlando's new logo | Orlando Sentinel

I'm a fan. Simple with the lion's head. No soccer balls.

// US Soccer //

Klinsmann explains surprise EJ snub |

Form is everything but overall I wasn't too upset by not seeing EJ on the roster.

Full list of snubs |

Plenty of names on it, we added one of our own to it yesterday evening.