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2014 World Cup: Matt Hedges falls short of 30-man roster

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Jurgen Klinsmann announced his 30-man preliminary squad on Monday and there was one snub FCD fans should pay attention to.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We have just heard the 30-man preliminary roster assigned by USMNT boss Jurgen Klinsmann and there were a few obvious names left out for US supporters. These include Eddie Johnson, Sacha Kljestan, Juan Agudelo and Benny Feilhaber.

A few supporters were a bit shocked Brek Shea was left off the squad, not because of form, but because he is definitely a Jurgen guy and has seen a large number of minutes even without playing time at Stoke.

FC Dallas fans have witnessed the rise of third year center back Matt Hedges over the past couple months and this sparked Oscar Pareja, fans as well as media members to bring his name into the USMNT fold. However, Hedges was not given the chance to make his case as Jurgen decided to go with the young John Anthony Brooks of Hertha Berlin instead. It may not be the biggest snub of the roster, but based on form itself Hedges should have at least had a foot in the door with John Brooks losing favor with his club side.

Timothy Chandler also makes the preliminary squad after not seeing action with the Yanks in a while and Hedges must feel he had the same chances of making the squad as both Chandler and Brooks but happened to be the odd man out.

Maybe it was the recent poor form FCD has suffered that led to this snub, but either way I don't think it will affect Hedges play with Dallas as the chance he actually made the squad were slim. It's now time for Hedges to put 100% of his focus on Dallas and work towards ensuring FCD a playoff spot for this season.

Down the road Hedges will surely get a call up, probably as soon as January in the usual MLS heavy camp for Klinsmann to get a first look at him. It is too early to call, but there is a strong possibility that Hedges could find himself on the plane to Russia in 2018 if his form continues and he stays in top shape over the next few years.

Your thoughts on the squad called up and the snub of Matt Hedges?