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May Outlook: Seven Big Games Ahead For FC Dallas

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The schedule gets crowded in the month of May.

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Two months down and FC Dallas is still sitting pretty good in the MLS standings. But the month of May is really going to test whether or not the hot start was just an anomaly or if this club was indeed for real.

FC Dallas has seven games this month with four of them being away from home.

New York Red Bulls - home - May 4 (2pm)

Up front is a fairly hot New York side that has done pretty well despite only winning two games this season (a wild 2-2-5 record to start out). Thierry Henry always presents a challenge to any team but I'm more concerned with some of the role players in this one like Lloyd Sam or Dax McCarty. But we'll discuss this game more in the coming days on here.

Seattle Sounders - away - May 7 (9pm)

We know what the Sounders bring to the table with Clint Dempsey and company. Playing a midweek game at Seattle is always going to be tricky too. This will be the first real schedule congestion test for Oscar Pareja this season. How he juggles the lineup between this game and the next is going to be worth watching out for here.

San Jose Earthquakes - away - May 10 (9:30pm)

San Jose finally their first win of the season last week. They're a team that is much better than their record suggests in my opinion. They play fast and physical, much like FCD does.

Chivas USA - home - May 17 (7:30pm)

Chivas has really struggled in recent weeks and hopefully for our sake that struggle continues. Since our last meeting, the Goats have picked up three more losses and two draws. As much as their positive start to the season was back in March, no one is remembering it now.

LA Galaxy - away - May 21 (9:30pm)

Another real tough road game in this month. LA always plays FCD tough. Once again Pareja will have to deal with some roster juggles with another road game just three days after this one in Salt Lake. I still firmly believe that the Galaxy are one of the best sides in MLS this season, so this will be a big test.

Real Salt Lake - away - May 24 (8:30pm)

RSL at the moment is the only unbeaten side left in MLS. I doubt they will be by this point but you never really know. This team is extremely well organized but does struggle against some speed. But this is always a tough venue to pick up points in too.

San Jose Earthquakes - home - May 31 - (7:30)

Back at home to close out the month with another game against San Jose. Like I'll mention below, you win your home games. It is as simple as that.


This is going to really be a make or break month for Pareja and FCD. Seven games with 21 total available points. Let that sink in for a moment, 21 points. In the crazy event that FCD does some how reel off seven straight wins this month, that will put them at 37 points. That is just a few behind what the club earned in all of 2013.

But the chances of reeling off seven games in a row is very low given how tough this schedule is. The three home games to me have to be nine points at the minimum. I always say, you win your home games and hope for the best on the road. Nine points out of this month is the bare minimum for me in May, even with this schedule. Two or three points are possible on the road though as we've seen this club pick up points in very tough spots like KC and Houston this season.

What kind of month do you think FCD will have in May? Expecting anything over 12 or 13 points? Or is something like nine more realistic here?