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View From the East Stand: MLS Live Viewing

Unfortunately couldn't make the trip to Houston and I am sad.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

What I would give to have been there in Houston on that glorious night where the final score read 1-4. To all those that made the trip, I envy you. On the bright side though, MLS Live is awesome and I got to see the whole beat down from the iPhone.

This game was definitely a tale of pre-red card and post-red card and I'll split my post up along those lines.

Pre-Red Card

Honestly, I felt like we were being dominated by the Houston Dynamo for the first hour. The first 60 minutes were how I was assuming the whole game would have gone down, us absorbing pressure and hitting on the counter with our speed. Our possession game was going to be hard to play with away from home against a team like Houston and it really seemed that way for the first 60'. The draw I was predicting looked to be coming to a reality and I would've taken that at the time. Both teams going back and forth, my heart in my throat, and Chris Seitz being an absolute wall in front of our goal.

Matt Hedges deserves some credit for that organization. We kept out a very good Houston side to one goal for the whole game in their house, which Montreal also did, but that's beside the point. His strong partnership with Keel is paying dividends, and as much as I'd love to see George John back on the pitch, the Stephen Keel-Hedges partnership is becoming just as good as the John-Hedges tandem.

Post-Red Card

Horst's challenge was a terrible and reckless one upon the first viewing. Sliding into Fabian Castillo, got none of the ball, took the winger out and then followed through with his feet even out of bounds! Studs up, follow through, straight red and no argument to speak of in my books. FC Dallas smelled the blood and came out firing on all cylinders right after that. The most-fired cylinder was our set-piece proficiency that really hasn't lost its' touch since the departure of Schellas. Immediately on the ensuing free kick we scored a goal through Je-Vaughn Watson, then on a corner a few minutes later, Watson got into a good position and the defender had no choice on where he put that ball which happened to be his own net.

Then the final goal really makes it hard to see anyone taking Watsons' spot on the right wing. The 2nd blazing run we've seen from the Jamaican only this time it was arguably an easier goal for him to make than the one against Chivas USA. Excellent vision from our midfield again, but excellent energy from Watson to just burst out after an hour of being on the field and make the tired defense pay. Only a chain of bad performances would make me want to take this guy out of the starting line up, until then though, I want Watson on that other wing.

Is Hedges having a Defender of the Year season? Should he be our new permanent captain? Watson + right wing = beast? Let me know what you guys think.