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Reports: Toronto FC Interested in Brek Shea

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Could Shea return to MLS via Canada?

Christian Hofer

It appears the rich could be getting richer up in Toronto. The Toronto Sun is reporting that Toronto FC general manager Tim Bezbatchenko is interested in former FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea.

"Yeah, 100% (we’d be interested)," Bezbatchenko told me. "I mean, Brek Shea is a dynamic U.S. international. I think you’d take any of these guys seriously."

For those wondering, FC Dallas does not have the first dibs on Shea due to the transfer fee that they received from Stoke City last January. Toronto on the other hand does have first dibs given their top slot in the MLS Allocation Order.

Does this mean that Shea is actually Toronto bound? No, not really. But we can't say that the Reds won't try to get someone like Shea under the salary cap on a loan from Stoke this summer though. Toronto has proven that the salary cap is rather pointless for the way they operate with regards to the players that they have signed this season. Just look at how they brought in keeper Julio Cesar as proof.

I think seeing how Shea has done in England so far that getting him some minutes back in MLS would be a wise thing for his World Cup hopes under Jurgen Klinsmann.