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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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FCD begins to turn their attention towards Seattle.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The last time I checked, FC Dallas is still leading MLS. I just thought I would throw that out there to anyone that needed to hear that to start the day.

// FC Dallas //

April scarf returns |

If you missed your chance at the FCD Scarf of the Month for April, well you may be in luck. The team re-released it with a special second run of it. Get it before it is completely gone.

Seitz up for Save of the Week |


Texas Derby behind the numbers |

Here are some fun facts about Saturday's big win.

Bubble Soccer hits Frisco | Fox 4

I'm pretty sure my next office party will include this. Or at least I will make sure of it.

Five Thoughts from the win over Houston | Soccerly

Plenty of good questions and comments from this post.

// MLS //

Instant Replay |

Interesting to hear that Simon Borg thought David Horst's red card was legit.

A statistical look back on Week 5 |

It wasn't the biggest outburst in goals scored in a single weekend but it was darn close.

A gift from the soccer Gods |

I meant to include this link yesterday but it is still worth a read today. This is a long look back at the wild 4-4 draw in Portland over the weekend.

The Ride Along: Tony Tchani Edition | Massive Report

Really cool post idea here, as one writer tries to end the debate once and for all. Is Tony Tchani good or bad?

// USMNT //

Jozy dropped to Sunderland's U21 team |

Ouch. This isn't the news you want to hear with regards to Jozy Altidore before a World Cup.