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Big D Soccer MotM: Je-Vaughn Watson

The Jamaican scored two goals against his former club.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

That cannon sure is a nice touch to the stadium, huh?

I might catch flak for this one, but this week's Man of the Match was a complete toss-up.

Do you pick the guy who scores twice and was in a battle for a third? Or do you pick the maestro who created one of those goals, and had a hand in two of the other ones? What about the keeper who kept us in the game in the first 60 minutes?

This time, I'm going with the goal scorer.

Je-Vaughn Watson is my Man of the Match for his incredible knack to find the back of the net, and for his great development between last year and this year.

I will be the first to admit I was upset when we brought Watson back this year because he was easily my most hated player last year. He was technically unsound and made far too many mistakes during the run of play. This year, though, I've seen great improvement from the Jamaican International that was capped off by Saturday's performance. I can't ignore his play anymore, I have to admit, he's the guy that will compliment Castillo going ahead.

It was very hard to not give the nod to Chris Seitz, who is easily one of the top three keepers in the league this season, or Diaz, who now is on the MLS radar, but, with that being said, it's a great dilemma to have.

Some say that the only reason Watson has three goals this year is because teams are stacking the left side in order to slow down Castillo, and even if this is a bit true, I think JeVaughn certainly deserves his due. The man has seamlessly transitioned from CDM to the right wing, and he's benefitting from incredible playmaking from Mauro Diaz (Like this pass to set up Watson's second goal).

I was worried at the beginning of the season, who would compliment our strong left side, knowing at some point, teams would crack down on our favoritism towards that side of the pitch.

With Watson now in great form, teams can't force us to the right side, because if they do, odds are we'll see Watson calmly slot it into the net. Again.

What I'm taking most out of Watson's unheralded start is that this quells my fears of a summer scoring drought. I don't think we'll see this team struggle to score goals now that Diaz has both sides of his attacks performing like a well-oiled machine.

What are your thoughts? Who was your Man of the Match? Vote and Comment below. DTID!