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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, April 3, 2014

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The US stumbles last night in the second half to Mexico.

Christian Petersen

The road to Brazil is looking like a bumpy one for the United States national team after last night's 2-2 draw against Mexico. Hopefully things turn around in the send off series later this spring.

The Houston game is nearly here though, time for some morning links to get us started off today.

// FC Dallas //

Five memorable moments from the Texas Derby | Soccerly

This is a good start to looking back at this series, we'll have our own look back as well today and tomorrow.

Scarf of the month |

March was good but April is pretty bad ass. I've already put in my order for one of these.

Even Conan hates Houston |

Even though this guy has some seriously orange hair, he knows what is good for him.

Craft leads U-18 team |

Coy Craft is the loan FCD rep on the U-18 team.

// MLS //

Houston's Hall wants to face Dallas more |

We'll have to wait until next year for the series to open up more due to expansion. But yeah, I'm with Hall on that.

Red Bulls options against Montreal | Once a Metro

Boy, New York is sure having a slow start this season.

Rolfe lands in D.C. | Black and Red United

Part of me always wanted Rolfe here in Dallas. Still, United get another pricy veteran and the Fire get some cap relief.

Detroit looking to build a downtown stadium | Detroit Business

I've always thought Detroit was a city that could work in MLS. But here is another city looking to go small in the USL PRO and then expand upward to MLS.

// USMNT //

Three things from the US-Mexico game |

Yeah, that Bradley guy is pretty darn important.

Defense spots up for grabs |

After last night, the back line is still a work in progress for Klinsmann.

Discussing what Green is and what he isn't |

Man the sample size is still small on this guy.