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FC Dallas vs DC United: Game Grades

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Red cards and 10 bad minutes ended up showing some signs of where this team could go.

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Note: Jay is out of the country at the moment so I'm stepping in to provide this week's game grades.

Starting XI:

Chris Seitz - 4

You can't really fault Seitz for any of the goals. His defense left him high and dry most of the time and he could only do so much. I do think this game will open the door for Raul Fernandez to get back in the starting lineup though, possibly as soon as this weekend.

Zach Loyd - 1

Loyd struggled to contain Christian on the wings as he moved forward even before the second yellow. You can tell Loyd is still in some preseason mode here as his fitness isn't all that great and his movement from side-to-side still looks iffy at best to me. It may not be until this summer before we see him at 100%.

Matt Hedges - 4

He did as much as he could throughout this game despite the lapses in the midfield. He did seem to get out of position in some spots which really makes me long for George John's return to help him out.

Stephen Keel - 2

Same as with Hedges, he was caught out of position more times than not and really showed how important a healthy John is to this club. Just like with Seitz too, I wonder if this game has opened the door for Walker Zimmerman to break into the lineup here soon too. With seven games ahead in May, you have to believe that is going to be the case.

Jair Benitez - 2

It was really tough for Jair to get forward once Loyd was red carded. As much as you could blame him for the open space on a couple of the goals, it wasn't nearly all his fault. Fabian Castillo was pushed up forward in the second half which really limited what Benitez was able to do going forward. When Benitez is limited space going forward, we really get a sense of how much he will struggle in a game. The dude just lives off going forward into the attack.

Hendry Thomas - 4

At times he was his quiet-yet-dominant self. But the more I looked back at this one the more I realized he was missing from this game more times than not. And to be fair, he got no help from Michel in this one.

Michel - 2

The ejection was totally fair as I've re-watched it a couple times now. This game really exposed what most of us already knew about Michel in the middle of the midfield. He was extremely exposed on his passing as his turnover machine appeared the be back in full gear. As much as we love seeing him standing over the ball in a set piece situation, I'm totally fine being without him for a game or two.

Mauro Diaz - 5

Top play in the game until he left with his knee injury. That finish was as calm and cool as you'll see in this league. But we do have to be worried about how his knee is in the long run here. Once we get word on how his MRI went today, we'll be sure to pass it along to you all.

Fabian Castillo - 3

Really limited when he was placed as the lone forward in the attack. I like him as a striker but not as a lone option up top. Without someone behind him creating he isn't able to stretch the field the way you'd want a lone striker to do, not to mention we know his short comings on the defensive side in that situation. As good as he has been this season under Oscar Pareja, he over-reliance on his speed is becoming an issue more and more.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 3

Tough game for Watson if you ask me. Before the Loyd red card he wasn't showing too well and after the card he was placed in a tricky spot as a right back. If only Andres Escobar were healthy here we might be able to see him pushed a little more for this starting spot.

Blas Perez - 4

We've talked about the injury to Diaz but seeing Perez be subbed off at halftime for due to his hamstring is starting to become a major worry for me. Then again Pareja could have subbed him off just to keep him fresh like he was saying before.

Oscar Pareja - 3

I don't think he set himself up well going into the game with the options he had on the bench. The loss of Kellyn Acosta before the game certainly hurt more than anything as he would have been the first option off the bench to fill the void left by Loyd.


Andrew Jacobson - 3

Pareja tried and failed with this sub. Playing at left back just isn't in Jacobson's wheel house.

Adam Moffat - 2

He had a couple bad turnovers in this one, including one that led to a goal.

David Texeira - 4

He still provides a good spark to this club when he is on the field, which is a positive sign to see.