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Big D Soccer Man of the Match: Mauro Diaz

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Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was one of those games where slowly throughout the second half, I found myself sinking lower and lower into my seat, then just putting my hands on my head in acceptance of what was happening.

About 2/3 of Saturday night was something I wish to never re-live, and I think we can all agree on that one. With that being said, I was forced to find my Man of the Match in the first third of the game.

Mauro Diaz, over the past two games, was less effective than he had been in the previous matches, which is perfectly fine since we can't expect one man to carry the entire team.

Saturday, we saw the magician putting on his best display once again, even notching a goal that came easy to him thanks to excellent ball movement in the final third.

After I was finished jumping up and down in reaction to Vince Carter's game-winning three for the Mavs, I threw on my FCD jersey and was ready for another FCD road result. For the first 30 minutes, that's exactly what I got.

FC Dallas was pushing their attack forward, passing it around, and most important, filtering the offense through Mauro.

FCD was well on their way to what I thought would be a dominant win in a place where FC Dallas has historically struggled (only five wins in 18 tries). Unfortunately, Zach Loyd picked up two yellows and things began to fall apart.

It's hard to find a silver lining in a game like this one, but there is.

We know that when this team is altogether, they play well and they will score. That being said, the defense needs major help, and maybe the highly-expected George John return will fix that.

Until then, this team will need to rely on outscoring teams, and if Mauro Diaz is on the pitch, the Hoops have got a good shot at that.

What are your thoughts? Who was your man of the match? Are you handling the loss okay today? We can get you help. Vote and comment below. DTID!