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Big D Daily: News for Monday, April 28, 2014

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Hoops look to rebound after a tough loss in D.C.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

We're brushing through what all happened on Saturday night but first here are some links to get this week started off.

// FC Dallas //

FCD fails to keep up after Zach Loyd's red card |

Worst loss of the season doesn't even begin to describe the game.

Highlights from the DC game |

Highlights or lowlights?

Game in gifs | Black and Red United

Even though I don't like the highlights in this one, pretty neat to see the game in gif form.

// MLS //

Eddie Johnson helps his Brazil case this weekend |

While EJ is still goalless in 2014, that assist this weekend against FCD was pretty solid to see.

Three levels of confidence between Columbus and NY |

Interesting notes to take in for this weekend's opponent.

CONCACAF President considering moving Gold Cup to other countries |

In a small way, I am totally behind this idea.

Houston still struggled this weekend |

Need a boost? The Dynamo still looked like crap this weekend.

Sacramento sellout sends message to MLS |

Good to see this market doing well in their debut in the USL PRO.

Revenue vs gate numbers | LAG Confidential

Interesting discussion on gate figures, TV money and more.