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View From the East Stand: Seeing Red

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Geez...Definitely didn't see this coming...

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Let the social media trolls come out of the woodworks and claim "same team as last year, fast out of the gates and will eventually miss the playoffs." We all know that's what'll be said until we can beat the NYRB team coming to town next week. Unfortunately, until then this game is going to leave a horrible taste in our mouths as I think most of us here did not expect this at all.

Nice Start, Only Thing That Was Nice Though

That goal was pretty sweet right? Diaz just walking into the penalty area and slotting it into the net against Johnson. The team looked geared up and composed against a D.C. United team wanting to right the wrongs of last season, and it was led by none other than Mauro Diaz who calmly tucked away our only goal for the day. If you just watch the first 15 minutes of the game, it's exactly what we'd expect from our table-topping FC Dallas.

Seeing Red & A Few Goals...

Zach Loyd has really set himself back with this game which is a shame in itself. Our solid right back of old, who just signed a new contract with the club, has been recovering from injury and fighting his way back into the starting XI and has seemingly just 2-footed himself right back out of it. I mean seriously, you're on a yellow, why would you go into a tackle studs up and 2-footed?! Zach knew this immediately as he had his hands on his head walking off the field to an early shower. This should cement Acosta as our right back for the foreseeable future unless Pareja has either a short-term memory, or is very very forgiving. But it was the 36th minute, a lot of defending to do and a good amount of game left to play, Watson slots over to right back and we should be good right?

4 goals. Our defense, which hasn't been my main concern for the season, is now a worry and I don't think worrying about our defense after this game is a knee-jerk reaction. Many teams go down a man and concede, but conceding the number we did this game was a little worrisome especially against the team who put them all into the net. 8 goals shipped in the last 3 games now, there might be a need for a shake-up defensively. Once the first DCU goal went in, it was hard not to notice the FCD players' heads drop. All the defenders looked to have switched off after it! The goals weren't Seitz' fault, no one really seemed to gather their bearings to put on a semi-solid defensive display.

Michel's 2 footed tackle, gosh, sums up the day really. Just an immense amount of frustration and taking it out in the wrong way without a doubt. It reminded me of the unnecessary tackle Thomas made towards the end of the Chivas USA game as well, although we were winning that one. Take it as a lack of discipline on the FCD players, or just Michel uncharacteristically losing his cool, but tackling should be a training priority this week. Due to 2 red cards, and injuries still semi-plaguing the team one can only guess we'll see a mix-up next week when Henry and co. come to town.

I was furious after this game, not as bad as the Seattle game, but still mad. Hindsight is 20/20, but would you guys have started Zach Loyd? Who's going to start with Thomas next week in the middle, Jacobson or Moffat? You guys praying we get George John back soon? Let me know what y'all think!