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FC Dallas vs DC United: Preview and Prediction

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The Hoops hope to maintain their unbeaten road record this weekend at RFK Stadium.

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FC Dallas hits the road for the third time this season as they make a weekend trip to our nation's capital as they face D.C. United on Saturday. United are unbeaten in their last four matches after starting off the season with two straight losses.

FC Dallas Notes:

Goal scoring. FCD leads the league right now with 17 goals scored, which a nine of those goals coming off set pieces. Dallas also leads the league by having seven different goal scorers so far this season.

Record at RFK Stadium. FCD hasn't faired too well over the years at RFK Stadium going 5-8-5 in all-time meetings against United.

Quick stats from Toronto game - Here are the Opta stats from last week's game:
Michel: 131 actions (game high).
Jair Benitez: 44 successful passes, two key passes.
Stephen Keel: 37/42 passing efficiency.
Matt Hedges: 42/48 passing efficiency.
Mauro Diaz: two through balls, three successful dribbles, two key passes.
Hendry Thomas: 53/57 passing efficiency.
Je-Vaughn Watson: two successful dribbles, 1 key pass.

Keys to three points:

This is another game that could very well come down to set pieces and how FC Dallas can make the most out of them. United are a team that can be disciplined in their defensive end, they also do give up their large share of fouls as well.

Dallas had a lot of success last weekend against Toronto, earning 16 corner kicks and a slew of free kicks to go along with it. Getting those chances for Michel or Diaz to connect with other players is a big deal but so will the open play from Diaz and the rest of the attack. FCD should have Blas Perez back in the starting lineup this weekend, which should open the doors for a lot more wing play given how well Perez likes to track back to get the ball and how well he holds the ball up for the rest of the team.

The big worry I have with this United team is how Eddie Johnson has yet to really get going here on the season through six games. He has helped his team out in some ways this season but those are measurable numbers in assists or goals. EJ had three goals against Dallas last year with Seattle and we know he loves to stick it to his old club.

Hedges and Keel will need to have big games to keep Johnson and Fabian Espindola at bay while Thomas will need to keep the pressure off Diaz in the middle of the park.

Lastly, this is a game that could be won on the wings as well, which has to favor Dallas with Fabian Castillo and Watson. Their speed could go a long way in determining whether or not FCD leaves D.C. with three points or none at all.


I feel like this one could be a bit of a trap game for FCD. On the road against a fairly up and coming United team. The make up and mentality is certainly there for a win on the road like we saw in Houston but we can't count on red cards and lucky bounces each time the team is away from home. I think a draw is a fair result, getting the team to seven points in four games this month.

FC Dallas 1, DCU 1

What is your prediction for Saturday's game? Let's hear it below.