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Scratching the Chalkboard: Feedback

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Help me to help you, help me to help you, help me to help you

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's been almost two months since I've started contributing here to this wonderful, Dallas loving, beer throwing blog known as BigDSoccer. In this short period of time I've gotten a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from many of you, but I'd also like to open the floor for everyone to weigh in your thoughts on my "Scratching the Chalkboard" series. After all, this is only useful if people enjoy reading it, so I'm opening the floor for your feedback, criticism, bribes, threats and donations for beer money.

So here are just some questions I'm going to float out there. You don't have to answer all or any of them, but I know that having a set of questions can get the creative juices flowing.

1. Do you enjoy reading this series?

2. How do you feel about the frequency of it? Right now I'm committed to once a week, but recently I've been able to crank out two. Is that too much? Too little?

3. How do you feel about the content? First post of the week revolves around Dallas and generally the previous game, while the second post involves scouting the opposition.

4. Are there any pieces or stories you'd like for me to look into?

5. How do you feel about the length? Too long? Too short?

6. Are there any type of statistic or analysis you'd like to see? Any players you want me to cover?

7. Anything else you want to tell me?

You can provide your feedback here, hit me up on Twitter (@jasonhpoon) or email (jason dot poon at gmail dot com). Whatever floats your boat.

And of course, a small disclaimer. I will read everything and I promise I won't fight you (at least not over the message board). I'll take a look at all the story suggestions, but the final say will go through our managing editor Drew Epperley. And finally, sometimes I won't be able to write up something because of time and sometimes there just isn't enough data to back a story.