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Rankings Recap: FC Dallas Tops Toronto 2-1

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FC Dallas moves up a few spots after home win.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas defeated Toronto FC 2-1 at home Saturday and is currently sitting at the top of the MLS. According to the power rankings, they aren't.

Are these rankings right about FCD? Where do you think the Hoops belong? Which team surprised you?

Rank: 2 (Last week: 2)

Comment: Is this the best team in the world on restarts? When Michel or Mauro Diaz are standing over a dead ball, it's like Ray Allen at the free throw line: just automatic.


Rank: 2 (Last week: 4)

Comment: Dallas rebounded nicely from last week's loss to Seattle by beating Toronto 2-1. An upcoming stretch of road games should reveal if FCD is for real after fattening up its record thanks to five home games out of seven.

Sports Illustrated: Planet Futbol

Rank: 3 (Last week: 4)

Comment: After conceding an early goal, Dallas had plenty of chances to take advantage of its home field, earning 16 corner kicks. Center back Matt Hedges carried the team to a 2-1 victory over Toronto FC, scoring the equalizer and assisting the winner, both with his head on set pieces.


Rank: 5 (Last week: 7)

Comment: Coming off their loss to Seattle, Saturday’s was a welcome rebound, particularly considering the quality of their opposition. Though Toronto’s conservative approach played into the result, it’s not difficult to imagine other teams being forced to settle for a draw. Thanks to Dallas’s continued set piece mastery, Óscar Pareja’s team stayed at the top of the Western Conference.

Dallas Morning News

Rank: 5 (Last week: 6)

Comment: Quite the bounce back from their first loss of the season. Even after being down a goal, the Red Menace just kept coming. It is definitely Pick Your Poison with Pareja’s lads – clog it up and Michel puts the ball on someone’s head for the win, open up and Mauro Diaz does his surgical best. Question is, now that their long home run is ending, can they take their success on the road? If they can get these results on the road, then it is going to get awfully crowded in the top tier.