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FC Dallas Week 7 Game Grades

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Another great team performance from the boys Let's see how the individual scores breakdown.

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Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 6

Not too many saves needed in this one from Seitz. Could he have done better on the one goal given up? He possibly could have done better with handling the first shot but I'm not convinced it wasn't an OG on Watson. Assuming it was, that would mean that Seitz could have 2 clean sheets without OG's this season. Still have to think that Fernandez is going to get the start before too long.

Kellyn Acosta - 7

A great performance from the youngster in what was a busy week for him. Between the USMNT U20 squad and FCD Kellyn had a full plate but handled it well. He did a great job helping to shut down Jackson and had several quality balls into the box. With some better finishing he could have easily had an assist. Could have done a little better in the passing game but overall had a great match.

Matt Hedges - 8

Man of the Match for me. Whether hustling in defense or scoring the tying goal, Hedges was all over it. Was it just me or did it seem that he was on the end of almost every corner? Had a couple of iffy giveaways but his overall performance was as good as you could hope for.

Stephen Keel - 6

I'm not sure if Blas or Keel is the biggest pest on the field. His work rate is always great and he keeps it up throughout the match. My one knock on Keel is that he sometimes gets caught out of position and, if not for bad finishing, almost gave up a goal to Gilberto. Another solid start from the vet.

Jair Benitez - 6

As good a game as we've seen out of Benitez in a while. Personally I'm still frustrated by his amount of giveaways but he did a nice job all night of confounding the TFC attack. Had a few nice balls into the box that nobody could get on the end of. Now if we could get him to not throw elbows over silly fouls.....

Hendry Thomas - 8

Pretty much a spotless performance from the Honduran. To me he's an unsung hero with doing such a great job at distribution through the middle of the field. Add his great defensive work and you couldn't ask anything more from your top dmid. He was, however, very lucky not to get disciplined for the silly tackle on Cesar. A different ref and that could be a possible red card.

Michel - 6

A much improved performance from the Brazilian from games past. Of course with 16(!!!!!) corners this game was pretty much made for Michel. Nice to see a more stable and well balanced game from him. Still want to see Moffat start over him though.

Fabian Castillo - 6

Good but not great. His movement in and around the box was better than it has been in some previous games and his foot work when going one on one is something beautiful to behold. I know we've been saying this his whole career but his finishing has to improve at some point right? Right?!?

Mauro Diaz - 8

Another great performance. As Bob Sturm said on the broadcast "Everything goes through Mauro Diaz.". He's the first person anyone is looking for when they have the ball and there's a reason for that. He scares opposing defenses and it shows in the attention he draws.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 5

Was it me or did it seem that Watson was more effective in shutting down Jackson than he was in the attack? Distribution was solid but he disappeared for chunks of the game. While he has cooled off some from his amazing game in Houston he is still an important part of this team and he showed it at times on Saturday.

David Texiera - 5

I want to see more creativity from David. He picks an area and just stays there while the ball carrier has to scramble to try to get him the ball. Like Watson he disappeared for parts of this game. I will say though that he was unlucky not to score on a screamer of a header. Nine times out of ten that goes in.

Oscar Pareja - 8

While I questioned his subs last week he was spot on this week and timed each sub perfectly. So much credit has to go to him for getting this team playing the way it is. His style is clearly making a difference and the players seem to be loving it. I know that I'm loving watching it.

Off The Bench

Blas Perez - 8

Did the energy go sky high when Blas hit the field or what?!? He seems to healing up nicely from his knock. His goal was the definition of both team work and heart. Blas never gave up on that goal and it paid off in the end with three points. I'm guessing (hoping?) we'll see him start this weekend in DC.

Adam Moffat & Andrew Jacobson - NA

I'm combining them because they both came on with mere moments left in the game. Nice to see both coming back from early season injuries. Expect both of their time on the field to increase over the next few weeks.