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Big D Soccer Man of the Match: Matt Hedges

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Captain Hedges showed his worth yet again on Saturday.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Monday mornings are much better coming off of a great, late-game thriller.

Saturday night, FCD showed a lot of fight. Coming off of the Seattle loss, I didn't see a scared or hesitant team out there.

FC Dallas still held possession (61%), took plenty of chances(16 SOG), and capitalized on set pieces(16 Corners).

My man of the match comes from the guy who was a key player in both of those goals. Oh, and he's our captain, Matt Hedges.

The 24 year-old defender came up huge saturday night, having a nose for the ball on both set piece goals.

In the 22nd minute, Toronto FC got on the board first, and it was crucial, at least in my opinion, that FCD equalize before the half. I knew they were bound to get their chance, seeing how many set pieces they create per game.

On a Michel corner in the 37th minute, the ball landed right at the head of Matt Hedges at the near post, and he flicked it towards goal and it shot right past Toronto's Júlio César.

In the 88th minute, a long free kick went off of Stephen Keel's head, then Hedges headed back towards the center of goal, where Blas Perez eventually gathered it to knock the winner into the net.

On this goal, both Keel and Hedges got an assist, rightfully so, as both players kept the ball in the box. Hedges was even more effective to head the ball back towards the center of goal, into traffic.

Hedges did more beyond the goal and assist, completing 88% of his 48 passes, while adding on a couple of interceptions and a few recoveries.

Hedges was playing further up the pitch than usual, and I think that might've attributed to our struggle to get back on Toronto's transitions, but I don't put this on Hedges. If he's going to play up, that's good for our offense, as long as Keel and Acosta can pick up slack as the back line.

It's been a blessing to have Hedges come in and be a leader on this team. I do think the captain's armband is John's to take, but let us not forget the great role Hedges played on the leader of a team that is still topping the MLS table.

It was the perfect rebound performance, and I'm glad to see this team having other guys step up each night.

Who is your Man of the Match? What're your thoughts on my decision? Vote and comment below.