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FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers: Game Grades

Another great team effort from the boys in red. Now let's take a look at how they did individually.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 6.5

Another great performance by the FCD keeper. With 3 great saves, one in the closing minute of the game, Seitz delivered again for his team to help preserve 3 points. Can anyone really see Raul Fernandez taking back his starting spot when he returns from injury?

Kellyn Acosta - 6

While I was surprised to see the youngster on the MLS Team of the Week he certainly deserves accolades for his performance. When Je Vaughn Watson was mysteriously sent off in the first half it was up to Acosta to step up and play not only his RB role but to push ever deeper into the attack when FCD went forward. A job so well done that the HGP grabbed an assist on the first goal of the night, only minutes after Watson was sent off.

Stephen Keel - 5.5

The veteran center back again showed why the team brought him back for another year. Not only was Keel solid in defense but the way he makes himself a target on set pieces can really throw a wrench into the opposing teams defending. While not a huge threat aerially, the second year man is a work horse who's rate of play is something for all the youngsters on this team to look up to.

Matt Hedges-5.5

Yeah the OG was ugly but it's something that is bound to happen to all CB's at some point in their career, just ask George John. His 91.3% passing and critical stops during the game more than made up for one big mistake he made. I'm sure he's just happy that the goal didn't end up hurting the squad in the end.

Jair Benitez -6

So we got a chance to see Benitez a la 2013 on Saturday night. Jair wasn't perfect on the night by any means, and still looks a little slow at times, but his crossing was spot on almost all evening. If he could have not lost the ball so much in the attacking half of the field I think he could have made an argument for MotM. Lets hope we see this Benitez this weekend in Houston.

Michel - 5

With the most action on the ball of any FC Dallas player (139) maybe I'm being a little too harsh on the Brazilian midfielder. My biggest problem is that he coughed up the ball 21 times when taken on. I like what Michel brings to this team but I think we all can see that he's best suited for the role that he's played for the first three games of the season: super sub.

Victor Ulloa - 6

I was just as shocked as anyone at how well the HGP did in his first action with the senior team. With 90.5% passing and only 6 balls turned over in possession Ulloa showed why Oscar Pareja fought to keep him on this roster. Shutting down Diego Valeri in your first start in MLS isn't an easy task but the youngster held steady and payed back that trust that was shown in him. I look forward to seeing more from this young man in the future.

Je Vaughn Watson - 5.5

With a solid performance for the 40 minutes he was on the field it's a shame that the ref made up a foul to send him off. The Jamaican had one really good chance early in the match with a header off the cross bar and looked sharp throughout. Let's hope that the phantom red card is rescinded for the Houston game.

Mauro Diaz - 8

If you saw this game then I don't need to tell you how great his performance was. To me he was the clear Man of the Match and should have been on the MLS TotW. Don't believe me? Just go take a look at his distribution and heat map. Greatest pickup of the previous administration? Absolutely. Is he thriving under Oscar Pareja? Without question. Best player on this team? I don't see how he isn't. I'm so excited to see what he can do in Houston this weekend.

Fabian Castillo - 5.5

You can almost see a defender start to shake when this speedster gets the ball at his feet. Not Fabian's best game this season but still a good performance. His distribution was solid and he even helped cover both sides after Watson was sent off in the 39th. It's fun watching him develop from a raw kid to a man that is a threat every time he gets the ball.

Blas Perez - 6.5

Is there a bigger nuisance to keepers in MLS? More than once Andrew Weber showed his frustration with the pest that is Blas Perez. I thought the big Panamanian did a much better job this game of putting himself in the right position to be effective, as we saw with his stoppage time opener. Can Perez be the Houston Hitman this weekend?

Oscar Pareja - 7

While there are more than a few reasons for this grade I have to give the coach so much credit for putting his faith in Victor Ulloa this past Saturday. When he kept Ulloa on the 30 man roster I was as skeptical as anyone. No longer. I thought that the Texeira for Perez sub was a little oddly timed but it didn't end up hurting the team one bit. Another great showing by Papi.

Off The Bench

David Texeira - 5

It's only a matter of time until Tex breaks through with his first goal. The more I get to see of him the more I like him. He may still be a bit of a project but I think he can be a big part of this system. My one knock on him is that I wanted to see him push into the penalty area and challenge the keeper more.

Zach Loyd - NA

Nice to see Zach back on the field is even for a few minutes at the end of the game.

Moises Hernandez - NA

A (literally) last minute defensive sub. I'm still curious to see where he fits into this team.