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Big D Soccer Player of the Month: Mauro Diaz

Mauro Diaz continues to take home some hardware.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it's the spring weather, maybe it's the hot start, but the Dallas faithful have fallen in love.

Fallen in love, of course, with an Argentine soccer maestro.

My Man of the Month goes to Central Mid Mauro Diaz for his stellar performance through the first month of the season.

Going into this year, we knew Mauro had big shoes to fill, with former MLS MVP David Ferreira parting ways with the club. For me, I had a strong feeling that Mauro would do a fine job, because he just seemed to mesh well with the team.

Now, already a month in, he's easily my favorite player (sorry, Zach Loyd) because of the excitement he bring to the air when he gets the ball at his feet.

Again and again, we've seen his incredible touch, not only on passes, but on free kicks as well. He's already scored on one, sent in a couple for goals, as well as setting up a penalty. We've seen the entire offense run through him, something that I think this team has been missing. Finally, this club has that one guy that causes nightmares for other teams. The guy that other teams spend all week scouting and game-planning around.

What really sets Mauro apart is his composure on the field. He'll have three guys around him, trying to box him in, and he'll somehow, whether it be a pass or marvelous footwork, escape while maintaining possession for his team.

Another key to the team's instance success is the fact that FCD is maintaining possession well in all three wins, never holding the ball for less than 54% of the game. Also, because of the offense running through Mauro, the team is completing 78.5% of their passes, and completing 64% of them in the final third.

All of this pointing to the fact that Mauro Diaz has our offense clicking, and doing so in a very efficient way. Last season, this team's downfall was it's inability to score goals when they needed them most. So far, that has not been an issue, scoring 2.25 goals per game, scoring on 64% of their shots on goal.

If Mauro can continue to pass to the wings, deliver well on set pieces, and control the pace of the game, I don't see a major downfall like the one summer brought on last year.

What are your thoughts? Who was your man of the month? Comment and Vote below. DTID!