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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, April 17, 2014

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MLS welcomes Atlanta into the family.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a big day for MLS as they welcomed their 22nd team into the league in Atlanta. A lot is still left to be announced about the team but they have until 2017 to figured it all out.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja now dealing with man management | Soccerly

Oscar Pareja now has a good problem to have, healthy players.

FCD U18s finish Dallas Cup strong |

Team ends group play with a win over a strong Swedish club.

// MLS //

Blank vows team will be owned by the fans |

For those worried about Atlanta being owned by a NFL guy like Arthur Blank, don't, he won't be another Kraft in this league.

Garber raves over Atlanta as a market |

Adding Atlanta isn't just about their footprint and expansion into the Southeast, it is more about grabbing a massive TV market.

This round of expansion is very different |

But there are still folks out there that have their doubts, and rightfully so.

10-man New York squad get their first win of the year |

Up two goals, NY gets issued a red card and they end up holding on for dear life against Philadelphia last night.

Minnesota stepping up efforts |

Could Minnesota be number 24? I know some folks south of us in San Antonio and Austin would love to say something different about that.

Why Brek Shea must return to MLS ASAP |

I don't think Shea is the only American that desperately needs to come back to MLS but he is certainly at the top of the list.